Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Winter Training Camp. Day 4.

By popular demand, from woman that are pregger's and those that are not, I get to the day of the marathon...

Work up early for the 7:30am start. We quickly learned that it was in the mid 20's, as in degrees, as in record lows. I nixed the big ride I was going to do because it was freezing. Becky put her warmest clothes on (simple tights and long sleeve). She has warmer clothes at home, but who thought she would need them in Phoenix?
Here is a pic of her going down the hotel hall. She has on some "throw away" clothes to take off after she gets warmed up. In our hotel were mobs and mobs of people in Team in Training. This organization raises money for luekemia and lymphoma research. Good cause, but the most annoying participants by far. Well, they decorate there doors like we used to in college. The green paper says, "shhhhhh, a hero is sleeping." SO..............

I put this on our door.

The race finished at Sun Devil stadium on the ASU campus. There were 30,000 plus runners, but 23,000 of them were doing the half marathon...walking (Team in Training). Here is Becky finishing on the big screen (far right).

Well, the high that day was 42 degrees. Becky froze her butt off all day, had stomach pains all day, stopped twice to take off her shoes and adjust for a blister, but she still beat her PR by ten minutes. Her time was 4:01:52 I believe. Had the weather been better and she felt good, she may have gotten close to 3:40, her Boston qualifying time.

We ate at P.F. Changs afterwards. They not only have awesome food, but they are the title sponsor of the race. I got Becky's pic with the manager, who was way cool. Becky wants to think it was P.F.Chang himself.
After that we headed over to Tortilla Flat. This is a tiny 2 building town just past Canyon Lake. The town is old and touristy. The inside of the buildings were covered in dollar bills that people had signed. Very neat.

That concludes day 4 and the marathon. Are you women happy now?

All blog and no work makes Jack unemployed.

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