Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Big wheels keep on turning.

Alright, so the real owner of the Crossmax's will be getting them soon. They are in the possession of the soon to be grandpa.

Mean while, I started with my new Bontrager 29'er X-lite tubeless wheels. Dang they are nice. Just got one pair set up and ready to rock. For those that don't know, the tubeless wheels are a tad lighter, but offer much lower rolling resistance (and less chance of flats). That is good. That is also the same reason Shimano and Hutchison are making a road tubeless system now as well.
What is a 29'er? Only the best kinda mountain bike. Check'em out here and here.
Otherwise, this week is a rest week. I am taking that to the extreme right now. Saturday marks my second "test". I am sure to have a regurgitation bucket near by.
Also, I have to set up my race schedule soon. I know which race will be tops on my list.

Sounds like the Velorochester boys will be their to go after the stars and stripes in the team event as well.

What is that smell? Smells like fear...of work.

Monday, January 29, 2007

So these Mavic SLR's just came into the shop. I already mounted tubeless on Deb's (Queen Bee) mountain bike. They look sharp on it. Hers are the same as in this picture, except she got the center lock rotor style.
Why are you not working?

Sunday, January 28, 2007

Hell Yeah!!

I guess the trailer for "24 Solo" is out. Looks amazing. It is a definite must see. The torrential down pours in the trailer were at Nine Mile last year. I got the privledge to be next to Chris Eatough at a check point on the backside of the course. 70+ people shivering under a tent with the skies causing hell, all at 5:30 in the morning. Sweet.

Here is a pic from the race. I had just broken my frame and was in the process of getting my single speed ready to ride. Lost a lot of time in the whole melee. Ended up riding the single speed for 13 of the 19 hours. Good thing I had ridden it only once before.

See me working in the picture? I am trying to set a good example for you. Hint, hint.

Saturday, January 27, 2007

New toy.

So a Top Secret operative from Fisher stopped by the shop this week. One of the things he dropped off was this. Are you man enough to ride the big wheels?

Am I excited? Durrrr! This is a sweet ride, yo. I just gotta enter it in some nice, loooong races. I was on the trainer for 3 hours this morning preparing for those nice loooong races. Yes, 3 hours. Even did some tempo work in there. Ya wanna know something else? I'll be on the go-no-where bike another 3 hours tommorrow. I can think of a soon to be father and his buddy that think I am nuts. Speaking of which...

I just watched a "chick flick" with my babies momma. She is talking to her pregnant sister now. No, I am not the daddy of that one and Maury Povich will prove it.

Gonna go watch SNL....

Friday, January 26, 2007

Winter Training Camp Day 5.

Let's see. As far as training goes, I was on the trainer for 1 1/2 hours last night. Short, intense intervals. Tired, puking body. Weights tonight. Strong this summer.

Now back to the winter training camp day 5. Well, day 5 (Monday) turned out to be the 2nd warmest day while we were there. I didn't even need to wear both jerseys, but I did have to still wear arm/leg warmers and a vest. I left from the hotel and headed towards the (white?) mountains.

30 minutes later I was about to start the climb. You can't see in the pic, but there a bunch of radio towers at the top.
After 3 miles of false flat the real climb began.
After many miles I was closer to the top.

Ahhh. The towers.

(Sung to Fergalicious by The Black Eyed Peas)...Smogalicious, definition, make the city look nasty. It's smogalicious. It's got people driving in their cars, making pollution their mission.
Blazing down the 7 mile descent I found myself going much faster then the cars. This guy was nice enough to pull over and let me fly by about 4 miles before this picture.

A pic from the handlebar cam. Pretty silly huh?

Well, I rode around the flat roads for a long while and then returned to the mountain. I had only enough time to make it 4 miles up the climb. Then I turned around to TT it back to the hotel. We (me and my baby's momma) had just enough time to box up the bike, get some food, and make it to the airport. I ended with another 3 1/2 hours of winter training camp riding.

Oh, my super secret operative at Fisher hand delivered some goods the other day. Pics will come. Ohhhhh, I am pumped!

Less bloggy, bloggy. More worky, worky.

Thursday, January 25, 2007

Rolling, rolling, rolling.

Winter training camp update day 5 will be posted tommorrow.

So, I am hitting of the training hard this week. 1 hour and 45 minutes on the trainer last night. Same today. Intervals thrown in. Lifting Mon and Fri. Sat and Sun day are going to be loooong days on the trainer (that is of course if it is under 50 degrees outside).

Next week will be a recovery week. Ahhhhhhh.

In the mean time, meet our pilot when we came back from AZ. Very nice guy.

He was working in this pic, are you?

Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Winter Training Camp. Day 4.

By popular demand, from woman that are pregger's and those that are not, I get to the day of the marathon...

Work up early for the 7:30am start. We quickly learned that it was in the mid 20's, as in degrees, as in record lows. I nixed the big ride I was going to do because it was freezing. Becky put her warmest clothes on (simple tights and long sleeve). She has warmer clothes at home, but who thought she would need them in Phoenix?
Here is a pic of her going down the hotel hall. She has on some "throw away" clothes to take off after she gets warmed up. In our hotel were mobs and mobs of people in Team in Training. This organization raises money for luekemia and lymphoma research. Good cause, but the most annoying participants by far. Well, they decorate there doors like we used to in college. The green paper says, "shhhhhh, a hero is sleeping." SO..............

I put this on our door.

The race finished at Sun Devil stadium on the ASU campus. There were 30,000 plus runners, but 23,000 of them were doing the half marathon...walking (Team in Training). Here is Becky finishing on the big screen (far right).

Well, the high that day was 42 degrees. Becky froze her butt off all day, had stomach pains all day, stopped twice to take off her shoes and adjust for a blister, but she still beat her PR by ten minutes. Her time was 4:01:52 I believe. Had the weather been better and she felt good, she may have gotten close to 3:40, her Boston qualifying time.

We ate at P.F. Changs afterwards. They not only have awesome food, but they are the title sponsor of the race. I got Becky's pic with the manager, who was way cool. Becky wants to think it was P.F.Chang himself.
After that we headed over to Tortilla Flat. This is a tiny 2 building town just past Canyon Lake. The town is old and touristy. The inside of the buildings were covered in dollar bills that people had signed. Very neat.

That concludes day 4 and the marathon. Are you women happy now?

All blog and no work makes Jack unemployed.

Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Winter training. Day 2 and 3.

So day 2 was too chilly to ride with the gear I had brought. So, I hit the town with my baby's momma. Here she is hitting on some other guy (don't tell her it was a statue).

Later that night we checked out the lights on top of a mountain.

Day 3 brought slightly warmer temps. I bundled up with 2 jerseys, arm and leg warmers, and a wind vest (ie., everything I had). It was still a very cold ride even with the gear on. This was on the way out. I stopped to, ahhhh, water the cacti. Superstition mountain is in the background. I went to the base and then hung a left.

The first 10-15 miles were fairly flat. The next 15-20 miles had cool twisty ascents and descents. Canyon Lake was the ultimate destination.
A view of the lake after I turned around as I climb and climbed.

Big cactus. Little bike. Watered plants.

Yeah, when I get old I want to drive everywhere in my golf cart. In the bike lane. With a 12 pack next to me. And a handicap plackard.

Ah, old dude. You just got owned. Note the wind vest pulled up all the way. Brrrr.

So the day ended with 3 1/2 hours of road time. Mileage and climbing were unknown, but I would guess I averaged no less then 28 mph. Mmmm, maybe 30.

Don't you have a job?

Monday, January 22, 2007

Winter training camp. Day 1.

Alright, time for some pics from the "winter training camp".

I got to bed at 1am and was out the door at 8am in Phoenix to ride the new hot rod. I had the Bartlett Lake route planned thanks to a poster on Road Bike Review.
Here it is. The 2007 Trek Madone 5.9SL (oh and the rental Chevy Colbalt). Geared up with some tools, bottles, and the heart rate moniter.

After a 2-3 mile flat warm-up I took a right and climbed this gradual hill for about 9 miles.

Yes, Arizona has cactus. And yes, they have to be told not to shoot their guns everywhere.

This was a 5-6 mile downhill to the lake/turn around point below.

At the bottom of the hill I stopped to answer the call of nature and take a neat pic. This bike is sooo much fun. The lake is to the right (out of picture). I then turned around and climbed back up the 5-6 mile hill on the left (again, out of picture).

The lame look at me shot as I climbed, and climbed.

Stopped at the Ranger Station to refill the bottles. It was about 60-65 degrees that day. It would prove to be the warmest day while we were there (by far).

Take a look at the second pic in the series. I got to draft behind a garbage truck the whole way down. I don't know the speed I was going, but the speed limit was 50mph. It made that downhill go by FAST!

Ended the day with 3 hours of bike time. I guess this out and back has about 4000 feet of climbing in 55 miles.

I am going to shower and go to work now. Gotta smell good for the ladies ya know.

Friday, January 19, 2007

Culprit identified.

Yeah, it didn't take to long to figure out who had been posting here under my name. Turns out the Godfather (Matt the owner of the shop) has a key logger on the computers at work. From there he got my e-mail password, which was the same as my password here. Then he thought he would play a joke on me. Oh well, the ACLU didn't think it was funny (they'll be in touch). I suppose I can't blame Matt, it all stems from his childhood. This is a pic from his 5th birthday. His parents didn't believe in parties or cake. So sad, so sad.
I do owe some reprisals now because the folks at work thought it would be funny to put a bunch of my stuff in Jello, ala The Office. Maybe I'll poo in brownies and feed it to them. That's fair isn't it?

On another note I can't find the cord to upload the pictures from the trip.
I lifted last night, and now I am jumping on the trainer. It is like 10 degrees out. Brrrrr!
Work is calling, will you answer the phone?

Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Weird stuff.

Well, it looks like someone has figured out how to post on this site besides me. He (and I do mean he) left me intentional clues, so I assume I'll find out soon who it was. I have been without internet access the last 6 days, so those last 2 posts were not mine.

In the mean time I got back from the AZ at 2 am this morning. Phoenix was recording record lows which interferred with my riding. I was only able to go out on the new road bike 3 out of the 5 days. I took some pics and I'll post those soon.

I made a new knock knock joke by the way...

-Knock, knock
-Who's there?
-My who?
-My new Madone is seriously FREAKING FUN!

I am tired, and gotta go to work. You should too.

Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Leaving on a jet plane...

Don't miss me to much. I am sad too.

I even made a video to express my emotion.

I'll be back soon.

Before I leave I am going to hit the gym and pump some iron in a top secret mission. Then I'll go to the AZ for some top secret riding. I will try to update my sweet rides while I am there.

Think about it...I'll be in AZ and you have to WORK!! Heh, heh, heh.

Monday, January 08, 2007

Yo, yo.

Not a ton going on...

Lets see, training for next year is going well. I hit up the gym for weights on Friday and I am going again today (Monday). A famous fast Moore brother likes to mock me for riding the trainer inside a lot. I did get outside this Sat. for 3 1/2 hours gravel fun with his not as fast (but still fast) brother and some other cohorts. The course we took had no shortage of hills and we were all hurting at the end. Oops, I mean they were all hurting at the end;) I had brought the camera for documentation, but the batteries were dead.

Sunday I hit up the trainer for 1 1/2 hours. I just rode tempo, and subsequently put out my highest average power since I started using the power meter that comes with the trainer this winter.

Oh, sweet stuff about to happen. My first ever winter training camp will start this week. Wed, Becky and I are flying to Phoenix for her to dominate the Rock 'n' Roll marathon. I'll bring the new road bike and get some OUTSIDE miles in. Looks like the weather will be in the high 50's, so arm and leg warmers may inhibit my tan.

Dude, I am going to be as fast as a superman ninja next year. For real I am.

Quick, your boss is coming. Get to work!!

Thursday, January 04, 2007

A new addtion to the family.

Guess which Moore brother became a new blogger? Nope, not the faster one. He is a veteran at it (click picture).

Ben heard from Brendan and I that blogging has been proven to make you 15% faster. He also fell for it when we told him that if your hand is bigger than your face you have cancer. Ha!

Queire trabajar?

Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Hey y'all.

Oh this last week was fun. It was a "rest" week. Along with that I attended the usual parties with girls making out in the hallway and people with lampshades on their heads (a reference to the best show ever made).

I got some good news. A double secret agent in the Trek organization was able to sneek out a pair of the new 29'er x-lite tubeless wheels. These things are going to be hot and as of right now they are very scarce. Oh goody, goody. I'll give you pics when they come.

So someone seems to have broken into my house and taken pics of me on my trainer. Yes, a police report and restraining order are being processed. In the mean time I caught that same guy on a top secret training ride OUTSIDE. he is always saying that 26" wheels accelerate faster. At least I think that is what he says cause all I hear is blah, blah, blah, and where are my crossmax's? Well he has taking the small wheel thing to the extreme with this bootleg copy of his last ride. BTW, nice flooties dude.

Still gotta show pics of my sweet new road bike. My baby's momma has a marathon in AZ next weekend where I'll get to break in the new ride over many miles of (hopefully) smooth pavement. 5 days in the sun...YES!

Did I mention there is some snow on the ground finally?

New Years is over, so get back to work.