Monday, January 26, 2009

In my thoughts

These are the 3 highest priority races for me this year in order of dates. Moab is one that I have never tried, but plan on tackling this year. You hear that Bennet? There are some other races planned, but these are the ones that occupy the mind when putting in the hours of training.

I believe that I am in the best shape I have ever been in for this time of year, so fingers are crossed for good results.

You really have got to stop surfing the internet on work time.

Sunday, January 25, 2009

It is cold out.

On my trainer way too long yesterday. I think that I may have set a new personnal record.

Spending some quality Daddy time with the daughter.

I always want my vote heard; Hillary Swank is hot.
U ------> Work

Thursday, January 22, 2009

'09 Team

Still part of Velorochester, but I will be flying these colors a lot this year.

Do I need to get all tattoed up now?

Yeah, you really should get back to work.

Trip to the cabin.

Up for 3 days working on the cabin. My Dad and I worked on trim, a bedroom, and reframing some doors. Working on the flow, ya know.

I don't know what happened to the hula cat that has accompanied my posts of working on the cabin.

Anyone feel like sitting around the firepit?

Maybe we could grill up some burgers?

Worky, worky.....

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Mtb bike and parts 4 sale

My next wave of stuff for sale. Prices include shipping. If you can pick up then we can talk dollars and cents. E-mail: charlytri "at" yahoo . com

Eggbeater Candy C pedals. Brand new, never mounted. $60 shipped.

Bontrager XXX-Lite bars. Slightly used, small part of decal missing from brake lever clamp (see pic). 630mm wide. $95 shipped

Trek 69'er 3X9 hardtail. See parts list and pics below. Many new parts (like drivetrain). $1,050 shipped.

Frame size 17.5"
Alpha Red Aluminum w/internally and externally relieved head tube, hydroformed top tube, bi-axial down tube, wishbone seat stay, hydroformed chainstays, forged and relieved disc ready dropouts Some scratches on non drive side down tube from transporting, see pic.

Front Suspension
Fox F29 100RL w/air pressure, rebound, lockout, alloy steerer, 100mm, 51mm offset
Bontrager Race; 29" front, 26" rear, Tubeless

Maxxis Ignitor 29X2.1" front, Bontrager ACX 26x2.2" rear; 120tpi, folding Some wear on the rear, both set up tubeless

Shimano Deore LX, 9 speed

Front Derailleur
Shimano Deore LX

Rear Derailleur
Shimano Deore XT Low Normal

Shimano FC-M543-SK, 44/32/22, Hollowtech arms, integrated pipe spindle Brand Spanking New

SRAM PG970 11-34, 9 speed Brand Spanking New


Bontrager Race Lite, superlight hollow cromoly rails Brand Spanking New

Seat Post
Bontrager Race Lite Brand Spanking New

Titec Pluto 1.0 Carbon Bar, superlight
Bontrager Race Lite Brand Spanking New
Bontrager Race X-Lite, 7 degree, 31.8mm, 110mm

Cane Creek ZS-2 w/cartridge bearings, sealed

Avid Juicy 5, hydraulic disc, 160mm front (optional 185mm), 160mm rear rotor

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Trek Company Cares

From: Burke, John
Sent: Tuesday, January 06, 2009 6:18 PM
To: My Best Friend Charly Tri
Subject: Call for support of National Park Service Proposal

Today, you have the opportunity to change the world!!! Yes You!!!! The National Parks are an absolute gem and yet in most National Parks you cannot ride your bicycle. Please take 4 minutes and read the following on how you can send a note to the National Park Service to support this rule change.

Thanks for your help.

The U.S. National Park Service (NPS) has proposed an important rule change that will make it easier for parks to open trails to mountain biking. IMBA has been asking the NPS to make this change since the 1990s We now enter a 60-day commentary period to make the change official. I ask that you register comments in support of the new rule. IMBA has made it easy for you to lend support by filling out an online letter.

We know that several groups are working hard to defeat this proposal. It will take thousands of comments supporting the NPS to ensure the rule is approved. Please lend your voice to the discussion today.For a more detailed outline and a white paper analysis of the proposed change go to or .

Why am I asking this of you?
1 . This proposal achieves a more manageable and efficient system for adopting mountain bike trails in National Parks.
2. Cycling in National Parks is a way to connect people with the natural world. Something you cannot do from the seat of your car.
3. Shared-use trails have proven successful in thousands of locations, including many federally managed parks.
4. This proposal will make history. Your children and grandchildren will read about it and enjoy the benefits for years to come.

So many people have helped get this proposal this far in the process. Now it's your opportunity to lend a hand and make a historic difference. Please ask your family members and friends to sign the proposal as well. The more support we give, the better our change of passing the new proposal.
Let's make history.

Monday, January 12, 2009

4 hours, 19 degrees

Woke up tired, legs felt heavy from long week of training, I was not excited to ride. Headed out on a secret ride on secret trails. Packed trails with an 1-1 1/2 inch of loose heavy snow top layer wore on me and left me with tired legs, but a definitely fun time. Ended the ride with legs that had more pep than at the beginning, which I am a fan of.

Some stats:
1 owl seen
2 turkeys spotted
2 deer witnessed
3 families out on their sleds
3 jerk offs sledding on specifically marked "NO SNOWMOBILES" paved trails
4 hours out in the cold
5 hour toe warmers only lasted 2 hours, brrrrrrrrrrrr
19 degree high temp for the day
20 or so gunshots heard from a wooded area
70ish ounces of water guzzeled
850 calories consumed (Hammer Gel and some Clif Blocks)

A brief stop to water the trees.

I rode the gravel for a very short while, but headed back on the trails quickly.

Some other riders out working hard on their throttle twisting.

I love my Nokians, but I sure could have used some WIDE rubber with smaller lugs. The Gary Fisher Rig was perfect otherwise.
I don't know why some snowmobilers get a reputation of being drunk rednecks.

As a side note I heard that a fellow rider went down and is in a bad way. Hopefully D.G. gets healed quickly for the summer months of riding.
Now, you should work.

Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Me again.

So here is what is up. First, it seems like blogspot sites are getting goofy sometimes for me. Not sure if you guys see this, but I have not been messing with the layout of the blog or the comments.

Second, Daddy Daycare is going well. Abi doesn't interfere with my soaps watching and Oprah ogling. It seems all I have to do is put her in the crib and jack up the volume on the TV. Poof, no noise from a crying baby.

Third, I changed my training plan up a little so I am in the third week of my first base period. What does that mean? Monday was just shy of 3 hours on the bike outside. Tuesday was 2 hours outside on the bike and an hour hitting the weights. Both rides were about 20 degrees out and required use of the Niterider Trinewt. Monday, I rode out to Eastwood and ripped it up with Kuske on snowmobile trails. Tuesday was a moderate ride on the bike paths of Rochester (both plowed and unplowed). I was able to time one of Abi's feeding and naps to get to the RAC and hit the heavy stuff during the day. I like to work 2-3 exercises together so that I rest no more than a few seconds. Saves time and keeps the heart rate up.

All this work has made Abi tired.

Do you really think you deserve a raise this year with all the time you spend on blogs??

Monday, January 05, 2009

Mr. Mom.

Just me and Abi (and Nina too) now during the day for the rest of the school year. When does Mom get off?

Sunday, January 04, 2009

Update hangover.

Oh, I am finally back. Yeah, it has been awhile. So here is the latest. I am finally getting done with the running around for the Christmas season and being very ill as well. Seems 90% at baptism came down with the knurl (spelling?) virus. We eliminated food sickness. It was nasty.

Last week was...
Sunday was baptism, Sam and girlfriend Erin are in town (brother from Maine), and trainer riding

Monday was trip to the cabin and start to get sick.

Tuesday was full on sick.

Wednesday was sick and come home early with the family so that we can have some quality time with them.

Thursday was still sick, but had the family over for Sam's last night.

Friday was some trainer time

Saturday was lifting, core work, and elliptical at the RAC. Three hours worth.

Today looks like shop party and trainer later tonight.

So I took some pics of my ride last Saturday. Some stats included 3 hours, low 20ish degrees, left from the house, and 3 dudes checking me out at Eastwood.

Locking up the studded Nokian tires are to ice as you are to your underwear. Both leave long streaks. Those tires stick to ice like you stick to blogs (instead of working).

I found Eastwood unrideable so I hit up some snowmobile trails near there.

This was a nasty downhill on the backside of the old boy scout camp. Icy and choppy, but the tires kicked butt all the way down. No dabs.

I needed to cross this stream to get back to the road. Luckily those boyscouts left behind some of their handywork.

Rolling the Fisher 29's.

I gotta get ready now for the shop party. There are sure to be people making out in the hallway and drunks with lampshades on their heads. BTW.