Saturday, December 22, 2007

Pro or local schmo

What is the differance between in-laws and outlaws?
Outlaws are wanted! Ha!
Gotta go to see the baby's momma's family. Bringing a new snow bike (pics to come). Bringing new winter shoes (pics to come). Bringing my baby's momma (you've seen the pics).
Christmas is starting off well in more ways than one.
Nina is staying with her Grandparents in Rochester. She has been chomping at the bit to "play" with with the cats.
Alright, time for a new one!!
Who is the PRO?? Who is the local SCHMO??

Sunday, December 16, 2007

Who, who?

The baby's momma and headed up to Cable for the inspection on the cabin. Just a couple of notes.

-Something is gonna be done about the well J-No.
-Augie and his wife raised 6 children here, RIP.
-Augie and his oxen were instrumental in the building of Telemark lodge.
-Sounds like Telemark will be getting sold and a huge water park may get installed.
-This place is going to be so much fun. I am not a winter person, but Cable begs to be explored with the snow on the ground.
-Augie had an owl obsession. This is only a portion of the owls in and outside of the house.

The inspection took 5 flipping hours!! The plan was to stop by and see baby Corky, Corky, and Mrs. Corky on the way back, but it was getting late and my woman was under the weather. By the time we got home I was not feeling well either.
I am gonna get to work on some personal stuff now. Later.

Saturday, December 08, 2007

New place, new website.

Check it out.

More to come on that site. Can you tell I had some time on my hands?

Maybe this Santa should find a new job? Santa, get to work!

Friday, December 07, 2007

Offer accepted, commence giddiness.

You are looking at the next acquisition in the Tri empire. 3 bedrooms worth of up North fun.

Room for the wife, I, and family? CHECK!
Hundreds of miles of trails out the back door? CHECK!
1/2 mile from Telemark Resort? CHECK!
Dozens of lakes and rivers to conquer? CHECK!
Snow shoe and Ski Trails abound? CHECK!
Open for rental? CHECK!
2 groups of people interested in staying already? CHECK!
Me and the woman excited? CHECK!

My baby's momma showing the goods.

Location, and a perfect place to land our private jet.

Well, I know where I am staying for the Fat Tire this year. I also know who may or may not be staying there for the Birkie.
Drop what you are doing, call the spouse, call the friends. You just found where you are going to spend a fun cheap week this year.
Seriously, don't go back to work.
If interested e-mail me at Cheaper than you may expect.

Tuesday, December 04, 2007

One step closer.

This is an access path to one of the best trails in the midwest's largest trail system (off-road and cross country ski).

I (with the folks) am one step closer to buying a 3 bedroom "cabin".

This picture is from the backyard of this "cabin".

Can you say endless riding?

It will be availiable for rental at a very reasonable rate. I already have a week booked and we haven't even accepted the counter offer from the seller yet.

More to come, but this would make a great get-away for you that ride, ski, canoe, or just plain like the outdoors.

Anyone interested in a monster (5 hours) gravel ride this Saturday?

A haiku:

I sit here and type
You sit there and read my crap
Why? Get back to work.

Sunday, December 02, 2007

Riding the storm out.

The first blizzard of the year. Need to ride. And the trainer keeps giving me dirty looks.

Dipped into the Maxipad stash for toe warmth(tip from Mr. Bennet). My ride looked like this. The haze is from the downpour of snow.

Out to the Mayowood trails. Slow going with the thick snow. I was able to ride 95% of the trails. Fun, fun. I am hoping others join me in packing down the trail so that it ride able in the winter (You hear me Kurke?).

"Dam it", was the command. From this Mayowood lake (pond?) was formed.

On the way back, my tracks left 45 minutes earlier were completely buried. By now it was VERY slow going in the snow. Mucho resistance0. Finally, I was able to find a quiet, freshly plowed street. Despite the fact that I was now going up a steep incline, I shifted down 2 gears because there was no snow slowing me down.

3 hours. Only half a bottle of energy drink as the rest froze. Coasting in on fumes pre-bonked.
So what did you do Saturday?
Maybe you should get some projects done around the house instead of reading blogs. How about going for a ride? Do something for gosh sakes.