Sunday, February 27, 2011

Arrowhead set up.

So riding buddy Juicy Peach is in the long term planning stages of an Arrowhead attempt. He saw this picture and wanted to know how I had everything so compact. For my own info for next year and your curiosity I'll describe everything. I am too lazy to take pics of it all, so too bad for you.

First off, you are familiar with the bike. This 907 bike simply kicks butt, and it disappoints me I could not take full advantage of that at Arrowhead. I felt really strong right before hand and that feeling has finally started coming back. The 80mm rims are just as much meaty as they are light and zippy. Me likey.

The frame bag is a homemade number that I measured and cut and then my Mommy sewed up. The pogies are $20 jobs from Fleet Farm. I modified them by sewing the enclosure a little smaller and putting a screw through them and into the bar end plugs to keep them on better. You can't see so well in the picture, but a larger triangle handlebar pack sits on top of the bar/stem area. The seat bag was actually not used in the race.

Frame bag contents:
-1 pint stove pot. Inside that was a homemade alcohol stove, matches, lighter, 6 ounces of fuel, and duct tape.
-Another 6 ounce flask of alcohol
-3000 calories of peanut butter stuffed in the bottom corner
-Compact rain/wind pants stuffed in front corner
-Compact rain/wind jacket
-Outer mittens to go over wool gloves.
-Thermal hoodie (very warm)

Handlebar bag:
-Extra balaclava
-Head Band
-Multi Tool
-Heat Packs
-Light wool gloves
-Warm hat

Inside the Pogies:
-I think 3 or 4 bags of food.
-Thick wool gloves
-Flasks of gel (one that does not seem to freeze so far)

Compression bag strapped to the front of bars:
-(-)20 degree down bag inside my bivy
-Sleeping pad
-Another thermal hoodie

I had riveted the fork to accept the Salsa anything cage, but I only used those bolt holes to hold a mini pump.

So I guess thanks for looking. Any questions for a guy fully experienced now at getting to the first checkpoint in the Arrowhead 135?


Thursday, February 24, 2011


***First things first, the Superfly 100 now has the options of wheels! See previous post.***

Fatbikefest was this last weekend in Elk River. I guess the best way to describe it would be the MN state championship race, only on snow and ginormous tires.

Elk River is foreign to me, so as Kuske and I rolled in my eyes met new sites. A drive down a narrow road opens up to the parking lot complete with large firepit, registration, and the coolest podium I have ever seen (cut into a giant snow bank).

We has just shown up and they announced the BullMoto race. It was free and I needed to warm up the lungs so I joined in. Slipping and sliding around I was just able to avoid getting girled, ending I think 2nd overall. It was all in fun.

The big race was soon after. My breathing was suspect so for precation I threw on my new breathing mask. Two laps around the BullMoto run and off on the trails. The race would represent several "firsts" for me since about October. The first time I rode with a front brake, first time getting in the "red zone", first time using my new mask, and first time riding anything remotely close to singletrack. I would hit the trail in 4th place, I think. After a few miles I started getting the hang of how Elk River winter racing is done, OUTSIDE on those icy corners, grrrrr. I would start to get in a flow. The shifting under tension showed the weakness of my thumbshifter and skipping shifts and a chain in the spokes became common and frustrating. By the end of the first of 2 big laps I learned how to ride the trail and not to shift in the 34 in the back. Somewhere out there my lungs would finally open up and I removed the mask.

With my bike problems I would move back and work my way up. By the end of the first lap I had things figured out and had worked my way up to 3rd after a little push from Larry "Pipes" Sauber, right behind Heath "Pretty Bike" Weisbrod and a healthy distance behind Brendan "KC" Moore. Near the beginning of the second lap Heath took a "b" line over some ladders, which I think was his way of letting me pass, thanks Heath.

I finished out the lap for 2nd. I didn't exactly come into this race knowing much except the date and probably time on the trail. It was nice to get "in the money" considering I didn't know money was even an option on the way up. A super cool "check" some t-shirts, and a new wireless computer later and I was leaving with every intention of making it back to future races. Rich knows how to make a fun event.

Below is my super sweet 907 with my Arrowhead bags (not used in the race). This looked like a smaller version of Hollywood's bike that came in 3rd, and Brendan's 907 in first. What is that you say, the 907's took the top 3 spots? Well yes, yes they did.

Quite possibly the coolest 2 year old ever holding one of the coolest awards I have ever received. Yes, the shirt speaks the truth.

A couple of videos of the race scene. Note the 4 riders lining up were for the final run of the BullMoto race. That is me on the far left.

I be the guy in the mask at the start.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

So you wanna be a player...

...but your wheels ain't fly? You gotta come to my house, and get a pimped out ride.

Yo playa, some foo juz rolled up wid a wad o franklins and swiped dis bike, ya hear me. So iz all sold now, ya hear me.

For Sale: SUPERFLY 100, $2,800 without wheels, $3,400 with brand new 2011 Bontrager Race X-lites

This has a combination of my 2010 Superfly 100 and brand new 2011 gear. The main frame is the brand new, never ridden 2011 model thanks to circumstance, I will be keeping the old main frame just in case it comes in handy later on. Brand New items are in bold. The chain, brake pads, and chain rings saw very little action so far. The color combination on the frame is really cool looking, even to the wife.

The fork is the Reba XX with remote lockout. The remote lock is so nice to have when getting out of the saddle. Handlebar is the super cool and light CARBON race x-lite. Sram XO throughout.

The only reason I am selling this bike is to replace it with the 2011 model, something I do every year. This is a smoking fast bike and I relish the fact that I get to own it.

There are some scratches on the crank and on the underside of the chainstays.

charlytri (at) yahoo (dot) com.

New, never ridden items are in bold.

Sizes MD (17.5")
Frame2011 OCLV Co-molded carbon main frame and 2010 rear swingarm, G2 Geometry, E2 headtube, ABP, topswing carbon link
ForkRockshox XX Reba with REMOTE lockout.
Rear ShockFox Float RP23, 110mm travel, Boost Valve, air pressure, 3-position Pro Pedal, external rebound, 7.25 x 1.75" custom race tune
ShiftersSRAM X.O Redwin
Front DerailleurShimano XT Direct Mount
Rear DerailleurSRAM X.O Redwin
CassetteSRAM PG990 11-34 9spd
Bottom BracketBB 95 Integrated Cartridge Bearing
WheelsOptional: 2011 Bontrager Race X-lite Wheels.
TiresBontrager 29-3 Team Issue TLR 2.0", 29-3 Team Issues TLR 2.25"
Crank SetTruvativ Noir Redwin Carbon, 44/32/22
SaddleBontrager Race X Lite, superlight hollow titanium rails
SeatpostBontrager Race XXX Lite Carbon OCLV, Carbon Shaft, infinite adjust Carbon Bontrager head
HandlebarBontrager Race X Lite CARBON Big Sweep, 660mm width
StemBontrager Race X Lite OS, 7d rise, 31.8mm, 90mm
HeadsetCane Creek Frustrum E2 1-1/8"-1-1/2", semi-integrated, cartridge bearings
BrakesetAvid Elixir CR hydraulic disc, 160mm 6 bolt rotors front and rear

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Need a place for the Birkie?

So my friend Rob rents out our cabin that is within the boundary of the start because it sits only 1/2 mile away. No taking the bus in, just roll up to the start at your convenience. Well, someone that was going with him backed out so he has space for one more. Leave a comment with your e-mail and I'll make sure he gets it. I'll post when it gets filled up.

For more info on the cabin see here. Full kitchen, bath, place for waxing skies, and super close to the start without actually being on the busy Telemark road.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

News and Views from Me-big whoop de do

Um, no, looks like this guy did. When you have an oppressive regime that has used illegal chemical weapons on neighbors and its own people more than once, invaded and looted a neighboring country, refuses to prove it got rid of the WMD, promises to bring down the "infidels", voluntarily gave money to the families of the 911 terrorists, continually played a cat and mouse game with the UN inspectors, and there is info like this saying there is a secret program creating more WMD, what would you do? Make Saddam pinky swear that he doesn't have something up his sleeve?

The Bush ultra haters are a lot like Obama ultra haters now that say B.H.O. was born on another planet, like Wisconsin. Get over it, Bush didn't plan 911 and Obama doesn't pray towards Mecca twice a day (we should be praying towards him according to some).

Contador is CLEN! I mean CLEAN!
The guy is dirty, but hey, so are most of them. I blame Obama for the recent doping, Bush for the doping pre 2010. Listen to Floyd, not the old Floyd, the new Floyd. I won't hold judgement against his past transgressions, but he is sure trying to make up for it now. Floyd, you are welcome to crash at my place anytime. Way to "now" give the doping establishment the big middle finger. You need to grow your hair out and do Kid Rock impressions for extra cash.

It's coming, it's coming!
My super charged pimp mobile should be here soon. Thanks to secret backroom dealings, it will get stripped down and even more super pimped. I like to call getting the bike "Tiger Woods'ed" out. That means my sweet 2010 Superfly 100 will be up for sale soon. Simply the best mountain bike I have had the privilege of riding.

Prince William is gett'n hitched
Just about every news broadcast has updates on the wedding plans. Why this is news is beyond me, but know this: if you are closely watching the plans unfold and/or are excited for this event then we can never be friends. People who care about this are lame, and I don't keep lame friends.

The Arrowhead 135 is done
I am done dwelling on what happened, but not done working on next year's race with the uber fast 907 bike. Instead the "eye of the tiger" is on this race, and then this race, and then this race. Looking forward to trying to Three-peat the Ragnarok 105. Wait, that term is copyrighted by the Bull's old basketball coach. I am looking to Tri-Peat in April (copyright in process).

Gett'n back work
You have spent over a minute reading this latest posting of mine. Chances are you were not only paid for that minute, but your employer paid for the computer and internet connection. I think it is time for you to start making the company money, not spending it. Soooooo, get back to work.

Monday, February 14, 2011

Another year...

...of living the dream. Dirt, gravel, and pavement tremble at the thought of me and my Trek/Fisher bikes. This summer I will relish every minute back on the Superfly hardtail and dually. Zoom, zoom.

Sunday, February 13, 2011

40+ degrees for a few days.

Time to put on some Bontrager rubber and
attack gravel with the 907. I just hope I have enough mud clearance.

Race to the top.

You think your Chipotle burrito is big? Using techniques I learned from a life time of living on the street, I was able to manage this. They had to get another foil as this was not even close to full closure. The burrito artist marveled at the shear size. So to summarize, my burrito is bigger than yours. I win.

Thursday, February 03, 2011

Arrowhead look back.

Frustrated, upset, mad, helpless, and baffled would describe how I feel as I digest my Arrowhead experience.

It started last year. I wanted to try this race they call the Arrowhead 135; 135 miles on snowmobile trails in the "Icebox of the Nation", famous for it's cold temps. Last year I simply wanted to finish, but undiagnosed asthma flared up and attacked, ending my day. This has to be one of the funnest most unique races I ever lined up for. After getting hooked up with meds, I dreamed about my return all year long. For the first time I was excited for the snow to come.

Leading up to the race I was lucky enough to get from support from the best snow bike company out there, 9:Zero:7 from Chain Reaction Cycles aka Combined with their roomy and very light Flattop 80mm rims I was in awe. My gear set up also improved and reduced in weight. The Bontrager bits gleamed in the sun as well. I came into this race riding just about the most ideal set up you could ever have. My training leading up to the race went swimmingly and the week leading up to the race I was simply giddy with the fitness demonstrated in shake down rides. The fitness I showed in my win at the Tuscobia Ultra 75 miler seemed nothing to how I was riding now.

J-No and I arrived in International Falls 2 nights before and got to chat with all of our favorites prerace. A shake down ride on Sunday went well and I had high hopes. As I left our little oasis for the start on Monday morning the lungs were suffering for the first time in about 3-4 months despite my now usual prerace puffs. Undaunted, I moved on with inhalers handy in my breast pocket.

The start was a little fast and I followed the leaders closely, hoping to wait out my lungs' reluctance to fully function. As we made our way across the landscape the lungs didn't seem to come around. In reality, I was working at a 60-70% ability level and hurting for it. The one thing I had for me was my ability to suffer and my fitness. I knew that despite everything, I could put up with the breathing and subsequent pain from weakness for the rest of the race. I would just start the inevitable pain process earlier, and put up with it longer. Temps dipped down to -20 around sunrise, but I felt good with my gear.

About 25 miles from the start, and soon after another few pulls on the inhaler, the attacks started from Lance Andre with the group responding. I would slowly pull this group back, doing what I could considering I could not "push" it. Well, soon after another regrouping, we hit a hill and my lungs "popped". Breathing got more rampant, legs became more week. It was not a full attack from my body, but more of a building revolt. I stopped, added air in my rear tire as it felt like I was dragging a bag of bricks; no help.

So, I limped along at a very reduced rate, looking to my lungs to rally and continue forward. I rolled through the 1st checkpoint as planned, afraid to expose the lungs to the warm air inside and then the cold again, a past trigger for me. A few miles down the trail and I could tell it was getting worse. A u-turn back to the checkpoint was made to regroup, so I could at least finish this race. The situation worsened. Draped over my bike, I gasped for a full minute, preparing the strength just to make the 20 foot walk to get inside. Once inside I had uncontrollable breathing. I sat, too weak to stand.

After a a long period a few words could be muttered, forced between rapid breathes. Luckily J-No was there so he could explain to the "EMT" what was wrong and that I indeed use inhalers. I think I sat there for 30 minutes before I even felt the strength to stand. Jokes were made to cover the emotions I really felt. The frustration of all the work I put into this event only to have it taken from me by something I felt helpless to. It seems the instruction manual for my body is in Chinese, and I am not quite bi-lingual yet.

So that is that, my race was done. I loaded pictures onto the blog and bummed around the finish waiting for for J-No to come in (I am expecting his race report soon). Currently, I am working with the Mayo Clinic's finest to figure this whoole thing out.

Oatley, Biuffington, Dittmer, Peterson, and Doom all had great races, taking the top 5 spots. Congrats to them on a job well done. That being said, I hope to return next year, determined to drop them all down one spot on the podium.