Friday, May 31, 2013

Buck Hill #3

So I had fun this weekend on Proto (my super sweet prototype 9:ZERO:7 186 bike).  Well, like a college frat boy downing beer bongs, I too had a wicked hangover.  Monday and Tuesday I woke up with an incredibly sore and swollen throat.  My body ached, I was exhausted, and had huge nasal pressure.  All thanks to a big hit from my allergies.  Wednesday was a bit better, and with Penn begging for more fat racers in the fat race I thought IF I were to head to Buck I would join the 3 lap fatties, not the 4 lap advanced.  My only disappointment would be knowing I wouldn't get my chance at Larry.  Well, just my luck he brought it to the fat race as well and it was game on. 

I'll tell you, the 20ish person start we had was SOOOOOO much nicer than the huge mess of the advanced start.  I led out and couldn't help but notice the 20 person line waiting to get in the singletrack STANDING at the top of the switchback climb as we hit the bottom.  The line cleared out just in time for us to start the process of picking through the back end of the advanced field that started 2 minutes ahead of us.  Hitting the the singletrack it was me in first, some advanced rider, and then Larry.  Not wanting to take advantage of the rider between us, I didn't try to move up until Larry got right on my wheel, then we started passing riders in the singletrack as they moved over to let us by.  At some point I heard some tangling behind me and realized Larry had some trouble.  Finished out the lap with Larry 10 seconds or so back.  After that it was a quagmire of riders that I would do my best to beat up the climb, coerce to let me by in the singletrack, and sprint by on the hill traverses.  I never saw Larry again, I rolled in for first, collecting beer vouchers in the process.  FYI, my breathing was not perfect, but quite a bit better.

And yes, I did go out for a 4th lap.   I did not race it as I was not racing, but I did keep pace with those around me.  The oddest thing was dabbing slightly in a corner towards the end and having my upper calf completely lock up for 10 seconds.  My calf is in a decent amount of pain still, I limp everywhere I go.  Such an odd thing to happen as I have not cramped since last year, much less in such a short race.

After the finish I think there is a new Tri Family tradition.  I roll through the parking lot cooling down with Abi my 4 year old on her Strider next to me, and me holding Seely in one arm.

Abi crushing it right at the start.  There were maybe 10 kids total, most out of view.

Abi would then go on to DOMINATE her kid's heat once again, finishing with second place out of view.  Brendan was a no show this week.  Probably because we had $5 riding on last weeks kid's race and my daughter whooped on his.  Will he hide from me all year trying to avoid paying me my money???

Monday, May 27, 2013

Day 2

Danky dank, explore logging road, rock lake, patsy lake, namekagon, rock lake, pavement back. Almost another 4 hours of Northwoods flow and chunk with just me and Proto.

Saturday, May 25, 2013

Anti Epic

Hatchery Creek, Makwa, Seely Pass, New "Flow Trail", most of Ojibwe, pavement and dirt road home. Basically the Borah "epic" course plus more singletrack and road, BUT I did not pay $85 for the privilege. Seriously, $85 for a new 35 mile race? 35 miles is now epic? So confused.

Proto and I in a 4+ hour love fest.

Friday, May 24, 2013

Buck Hill #2

So far this year I have had real problems with my asthma twice, both at Buck.  Last week was about the worst I felt in a long, long time.  Our little Tuesday night hot lap had me feeling strong as I put in a time close to what I can do on a regular mountain bike, but with a tired body and fat wheels.  Buck time I got me a solid 90 second warm up.  My start was far from good, but better than last week.  I did almost get taken out by a few riders not accounting for the lead out terrain. By the top of the first switchbacks I was heavily gasping for air as my lungs tightened up and I went backwards.  I roughly maintained that position while gasping the first few laps and wishing in front of the wheels I had to follow in the singletrack.  It wasn't until lap 4 I could breath and off I went.  Last week I lost close to 2 minutes on the last lap as I suffered, this week I put a minute in to the closest rider on the 4th lap.

Gun Show, give me at least 2 laps of proper breathing and you'll see what you saw in the Sandwich

Yes, I used an emoticon.  Yes, Lance says grown men shouldn't use them.  However, I have 2 full sized testicles after years of drug free racing and Lance has one shrunken one.

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Size matters?

Mtb, fat, and "holy crap" sized hubs. Building my second set of wheels with 9:zero:7 hubs. Bearing and freehub quality are second to none; highly recommend. Bearings spin for days (much better than the average high end hub) and have held up superbly. Freehub internals are much larger than average plus the pawl's give off that "not gonna bust me" loud clack/clack/clack. Tough, light, smoooooth.

Friday, May 17, 2013

A tale of three races.

My blogging has sucked lately.  OK, maybe it is not a recent thing.  Anyways, I've lined up for three races since you've seen this blog chugging along.

Dickie Scramble
A 120 mile gravel road race, much of it on roads I've been on, some of which I wanted to check out.  It was the first year running, things went well, roads were good (would have been better if not for the forced reroutes).  I ended up pulling out early after having extreme IT band pain up a climb around 50ish miles in.  Up until that the pace was modest and I felt no problems except the tightness in the leg muscles/IT band.  I spent the rest of the night stretching and dealing with the knee pain that comes with the tight IT.

Sandwich 50 ENDURO
Might I say, this is the most premier race that is not broadly covered on or  A 50 mile mountain bike race in my home town on the world famous Eastwood singletrack; also known as the MN endurance state championships.  I am rolling all fatty 9:zero:7 off road this year, and was unsure of the toll my body would take during a long mountain bike race with lots of accelerations and punchy climbs on a fat bike.  My goal was to start steady, and that worked out well as my body did not want to go into 5th gear.  I rode, talked smack, and watched the top 2 disappear into the distance for the first three laps.  After the 3 lap mark it seemed everyone around me slowed down and disappeared.  I was in 3rd place with no one anywhere in front of or behind me.  So, I set the body in "cruise", finishing out the last lap with a mouthful bacon and the burn of a bourbon shot from a mid lap pit stop.  I came away very happy with the fact I didn't even start feeling tired until the end of lap 5 (there were 7), and ended with plenty in the tank.  I am starting to think there is something to this proper sleep thing, as I felt great after a few nights of good sleep leading up to the race.  Also, 3rd on a fat bike in a field that contained roughly 10 Pro/cat 1's is not to shabby.

Thursday Nights at Buck #1
Remember that sleep thing I just mentioned?  My sleep lacked significantly the 3 nights leading up to Buck.  Add in I could tell my allergies were kicking in made me wish I had entered the 3 lap fat race and not the 4 lap advanced.  Well, after a getting bogged down way in the back at the start my chest tightened, mouth dried up no matter what, and I only went backwards.  I tried to rally, but my body only revolted worse.  I pitifully rode the 4th lap as I did not want to dnf, losing several minutes to those around me.  Not sure how I placed, but it was way way back.  This morning I woke as if I got hit by a truck, so either I am sick, or allergies are kicking my butt right now.  It is probably allergies.

Any who, that is that.  I got my hands on a cool new product that I'll mention here soon after getting at least another ride on.

Saturday, May 04, 2013