Monday, December 31, 2012

Till tomorrow.

My Internet access is thin, but despite being achy with sore knees and throat I did get out for a day night ride up here in NW WI because how could I not. Tuscobia write up tomorrow night when I get in front of a computer.

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

The new snow bike is all done.

After a liberal use of super light parts and draining my children's college accounts, I can proudly say I "won" the arms race; my bike is 20.5 pounds (exactly 5 pounds lighter than Brendan's)!

One word for this season: domination.

Friday, December 07, 2012

Still stuff for sale (with more stuff)

2012 American Classic 29 Race Wheels.  Sold

Brand new 2012 Bontrager Race X-Lite 29er wheels, 15mm front hub, 142X12 rear hub. These make a fantastic high end tubeless wheelset. $375
Fatbike Salsa Mukluk 3 hub (with the steel axle).  170mm wide.  New, never built.  $100

Saturday, December 01, 2012

Update, baby tricks.

So the new fat bike is still in the stand for now.  It is coming along nicely, very nicely, and I can't thank 9:zero:7 and enough.  Training for this winter has gone exceptionally well.  Last year, I identified several areas of improvement, most in training, some gear set up.  I am very happy with my progress so far.  Physically, I identified my lack of ability to push my bike uphill, breathing, and back problems.  Going into the race, I figured Arrowhead was fairly flat and as I hit the 3rd quarter of the race I found my lack of discipline in diet plus my inability to push my bike uphill well hurt me dearly in the race as there was lots of steephill puching.  Well, this year weight has been falling off my frame as I focus on laying off the sweets and late night snacking.  Boy, I realize now I ate a lot of sweets.  Second, I have committed to a weight lifting routine focused on my core/back and finishing up with time on a stepper, helping me further with the hills and back.  As far as breathing, the Doc and I have a revised plan that should help further, and I will continue using the Coldavenger.

Now, you may have not seen a good baby trick in awhile.  This is my 14 month old Seely.  Looks happy right?

Let's expand that picture.

Monday, November 19, 2012

Slowly it rises from the earth.

 Slowly the new bike takes form.  I am waiting on a few secret parts to finish the build, so for now this is what you get.  Obviously the front wheel right now is just a place holder.  The rear tire is one from Origin8 and will be used for general riding/training.  IT...IS....HEAVY.  The "race" tires should be almost 2 pounds lighter PER tire.  Yikes!  Also, much of the time this will be a 1x10 system with my good ol' Suntour XC Pro shifter taken into service once again.

What bike am I riding?  I forget, let me check my top cap or headset.

You want big clearance?  Boom!  This may just be a prototype, but you could fit a small child in there!

Friday, November 16, 2012

New land, new trails

Wish I could make it, but sadly I cannot.

This weekend is the second official trailwork day at the new mountain bike location at Gamehaven.  If you've never been it's south of Rochester on the right side of CR1 going South.  here are the rest of the details on trail work:

Matt Kurke will be coordinating the trail work Saturday Nov. 17 from 10:00 AM to 12:00 PM. Please park and meet in the Scout parking lot. We will continue to rough clear the trails in the woods to the right of path leading to the reservoir. Bring gloves loppers, and small landscape saws. Matt will bring his chain saw. If you can come please respond to Matt -

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Mine is bigger than yours.

 So I Christmas came early at the Tri house.  Looks like I will be once again riding a fantastic 907 and all the joy and speed it brings.  Sure wish though I had the ability to run the big rubber like the Surly Moonlander, but oh well.

I have yet to hear much chatter on the 907 hubs, but they rank up there with the smoothest hub bearings I've gotten my hands on.  The freehub pawls also seem super strong and loud!  We'll see how loud when I get rubber to road, but color me impressed.  But what is this?  Why a 100mm clownshoe rim?  Huh, why oh why?  Note: looks like I should have wiped the hub of lint before the pic.

Wait, what is that?  **Rub eyes**  Is that a 186mm rear dropout?  My word!  This certainly brings the cassette out farther for a good chainline if I ever wanted to run hugenormous tires ala moonlander, but what about tire clearance?

Yikes!  From my preliminary measurements I am looking at the ability to run 100mm rims + Surly's 4.8 tires no problem.  This frame is to moonlanders as the other 907's are to pugsley's.  Same ability, only lighter, faster and ability for a stronger rear wheel.  The 186 and are are going to have some fun, and hopefully knock out some impressive fatty race finishes. 

Monday, November 12, 2012


We got snow and I am in between fat bikes. Based on the fact that everyone and their cousin posts pics of the first snowfall and their fat bike crushing the 1/8" of powder, I assume that my other bikes have been rendered useless. Dang, the new 9:zero:7 can't get here fast enough!

Friday, November 09, 2012

The paparazzi loves me....

Once again, I'm, "blowing up" thanks to the paparazzi that continues to hound me.

First, you seen the latest newsletter recapping the Chequamegon Fat Tire Fest?  Well, after my heroic finish Saturday that could only be described as epic and out worldly as it impressed both the next generation as our seniors alike as I took top honors in the non existent fat bike category, I took to the start gate for the Crit Cross.  Thanks to the Fat Man himself for this pic of me crushing the stairs that scared normal mortals.
Well, in the Sunday recap I was mentioned having dominated the race.  Okay, maybe it was the consolation race, but I did beg my way into the big boy race that I would have been in had I not crashed in the pole setting time trial.  So here it is, me mentioned in the newsletter.

Second, I am not just dominating print news, but the Internet as well.  GO HERE.  Seems as those at are amazed at my skills.

Next up?  World domination.  Oh, that and my new fat bike that is coming.  If I were to guess, I will not see another person this winter on my same ride, but I will see them all over next year.  Needless to say, mine will be bigger than yours.

Alright, time for you to get back to work.

Monday, November 05, 2012

Look out!

If you are running stock drilled Rolling Darryl's this winter than you should not bother trying to race me as mine are lighter, thus I will crush you.

Monday, September 24, 2012

Big 'ol garage sale

Want something?  charlytri (at) yahoo (dot) com.

 I also have a nice carbon 29" wheelset with DT hubs that I have to clean up for sale as well.  Those will be $850.

2012 Trek Superfly 100 Pro 17.5", $4,250, So you want to ride like the cool guys, I got the bike.  The bike itself has a few tiny chips and some wear on the cranks, but as a whole it is fantastic shape and stock except the new XR1 bontrager tires.  The seatpost/seat/stem/handlebars/grips/tires are all brand new, never ridden.  The chain is very new as well.  I have not had a chance to ride this bike much as life is unfair.

New 2012 Bontrager 29" Race X-Lite Wheels, 15mm thru axle front, 142X12 thru axle rear, smoooooooth bearings, light and fast.  $400

2012 Fox RP23 shock with Kashima coating, very low miles, 7.25"x1.75" $220

Brand New Sram Black Box Ceramic bearing Bottom bracket, GXP, use with your truvativ/sram cranks, $125

Brand new, MRP chain guide to go 1x on your drivetrain.  Direct mount E2 mounting.  Just use one ring upfront!  $30

Monday, September 17, 2012

Cheq 40, First place?

Back up in Cable for what is the world championships of mountain biking for some people.  Me?  I enjoy the weekend, but the race is not exactly my style.  That is alright.  With almost no hard riding in the last several months I figured if I was going to be slower I might as well have more fun with it on the fat bike.  So out came the 907 after a several month hibernation.

This year there are corrals, and I found my place at the back of corral 1.  The controlled leadout was uneventful, then we turned onto Hwy 77 were the ATV opens it up and the speed goes nuts.  Right as I took that first pedal stroke to speed up the Big Fat Larrys the drive train locked up and I found myself at the side of the rode trying to salvage a badly bent and cracked chain guide for my single ring in front.  After a few minutes of getting it so it didn't rub too bad I found myself in the back 100 riders.  Wow, that was wild.

I set out hard on the 2 miles of pavement looking at a wall of riders everywhere.  Weaving through little gaps I passed hundreds of riders before hitting the grass.  Rosie's field had the typical 2 lines of riders and then me off to the side in the tall grass passing riders in 10's and 20's.  The birkie trail was worse as the course was now narrower.  There is the fast line, then the mowed part, then were I spent a lot of time; the uncut grass on the side.  Again, gobs of riders were a blur to me as I TT'd my way to a better placing. 

The legs felt great, soon the lungs were acting up.  I am an idiot as I have to remember at some point to use my inhaler.  I dropped the pace some to let the lungs open and I found myself still passing lots of riders.  It felt like I was playing with trick candles because I would pass a huge amount of riders only to turn a corner and see a plethora more (Would you say they are a plethora of pinatas?).  By the time I hit Hwy 00 I figured I must have been over the 1,000 riders passed marked and I was really starting to feel it.  I would see The Legend soon after and that gave me motivation to keep away from a fellow fat rider for a bit.  Then I went into a more conservative mode, but still managed to get those big wheels up fire tower in the 32 with no dabs.

I ended up in 388th place, my worse finish ever but possibly my most impressive race (best was 26th).  By far, this was the most cooked my body has ever been after racing the 40.  I hear the I was fastest fat bike out there on my 907.  I am not sure what to think of that fact.  The wife completed her goal of sub 4 hours which was awesome.  She is a runner and does just the one race a year.

Sunday brought the Cable Crit Cross, a short course with barriers and a solidly steep punchy climb.  A 2 lap TT decided if you were in the finals or the consolation race.  I managed to hit the earth pretty hard in a crash in the TT and found myself just out of the finals. I was able to win the consolation 4 lap round without going deep into what reserves I had, and then managed to beg my way into the finals were I finished midpack of 12 or so riders.  Mind you, this was all on my fatbike still.  I was happy considering my lack of racing lately.

Today the body is sore from the crash.  I was still picking sand out of my ears and nose last night from kissing the earth as well.  Fun times.  This weekend the wife and I look to obtain the title of coed champs at the Treadman Duathlon.

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Cheq 40

Are you a pathetic loser that has nothing to do the night of the 40?  Eat supper and then come on over to our place at 16245 Frels Rd., 1/3 of a mile off Telemark.  Fire and comedy provided, alcohol is in limited quantities.  Come and hang out.  It will be fun!

The Northwoods Adventure

So this last weekend was a blast.  The Gravel Conspiracy Northwood's Adventure run by the lying Josh Stamper was fantastic.  It was a 3 day stage "race" of about 290 miles, all boarding the Boundry Waters Canoe Area.  I say race in only the loosest of terms as it was more a ride than anything else.  My only goals were to ride lots, have fun, enjoy my time with other riders, and see a moose that Josh pretty much said there were so many we could take one home with us.  I was a little worried about the length as after taking an audit of my ride time this summer, I probably averaged 4 hours a week (busy).  The week before the event I had gotten out for 14 hours.  I like to call it reverse tapering.

Day 1 started in Grand Marais.  We would ride 45 miles that seemed to be mostly uphill and in a headwind.  Add in a slight chill and a touch of rain it was a fairly tough 45 miles.  I ended riding with my buddy J-No for most of the day.  We would end at the Bearskin lodge were Josh had prepared Supper that night and Breakfast the next morning.  It felt like first class for this rugged bunch. 

Day 2's start was a loose affair for the 125 miles in front of us.  We all started when we felt, some earlier, some later, all around 8:30.  The core group I rode with for the day was J-No, Josh "Rainbow Rider" Peterson, and Ted "Got the munchies" Loosen.  We fought wind, cold, rain, and gravel throughout the day.  At the 100 mile mark our ATV trail turned into an abandoned old forest trail that was slow going and an eventual dead end.  Using GPS's we realized we were off course (there was a mistake in the directions that could have ended poorly for many people out there).  Bushwacking through some serious terrain for an hour had us heading back to a real trail.  We would scoop up other groups of lost souls and eventually find our way to Ely.  Eventually everyone would be fine, but our gear didn't get to us until 10pm.  We had ourselves an adventure and lived to tell about it.

Day 3 was again a loose start.  Quickly our group got back to our original 4 plus a sleeveless Eddie Karow.  This would prove to be the best day yet.  115 miles of gorgeous views, fantastic weather, pristine lakes, and quiet unique roads.  We had a lot of fun that day and it was a great way to cap the weekend.

I want to thank Josh for the event and the supporters, (Salsa Cycles, Cyclova XC, 3 Stars Cycles, and A Train Bikes).  That weekend was a blast!!

 This is our "start line". 

The paved run out from town.
Breakfast on Bearskin lake.  No complaints.

Day 2 group I rolled out with which would change before the finish.

Rolling around mile 35ish on day 2.
It was a little chilly, rainy, and a nice little headwind at this point.

On ATV trails, hoping to get lost.

Our little trail would bring us by one neat area after another.

Day 3, this is the ATV trail we should have been on yesterday.

Our day 3 crew Eddie, Rainbow Rider, J-No, Ted "Hey guys wait up" Loosen

  • We rode by many a remote lake on day 3.  I wanted to enjoy it, Ted wanted to pee in it.  We all have our ways of enjoying nature.

This is 1 of 2 businesses we saw in 290 miles.  We had to stop just because, then a mad tether ball game broke out. 

The only moose I would see all week end.  Damn you Josh Stamper!!

The Sunday crew along with Josh Stamper and a Fargo.  Is there nothing a Fargo can't do?

Thursday, September 06, 2012

Mini update.

So I am headed up to The Gravel Conspiracy Northwood Adventure tonight.  This is a 3 day, 300 mile stage race/ride (not sure which) on gravel backroads butting up against the Boundry Waters area.  I only started the planning/packing phase today while dealing with the two rugrats.  Add in removing part of a tree that dropped on a tenant's car and it has been a busy day.  I have pictures of rides from up North on the CAMBA trails that will have to wait I guess.

I'll miss the family, but at the same time I should have fun on the bike.  The funny part is while most were probably scaling back their riding, I rode about 3 times the amount I have been all summer.  That is not saying much about my summer riding.  Gotta go, lots to do.

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Seeley Pre Fat Lodging

So, I will not be going to this fun race in NW Wisconsin thus the cabin is open.  I have not mentioned this, but if anyone wants it for the weekend it is yours for the bargain price of $100.  Granted, right now the outside is 2 colors.  Race on Saturday, ride the sweet new trails Sunday.  Wish I was going.

Sunday, August 19, 2012


It has been awhile.  What to say?  The summer months have sort of seen my "check out".  I have not made it to the Rasc Tuesday night throw downs as work didn't allow the time.  This has always been my staple through the year with Kurke and I taking turns hurting each other while others occasionally joined us at the front.  Congrats to Matt and Melissa as they welcomed William into the world, btw.

My blogging has suffered, both writing and reading.  I couldn't tell you much of what others have been yapping about out there.  My riding has suffered.  Hours on the saddle have been replaced with hours with the family and hours working on projects.  With the cabin, I have 5 homes that I spend my time improving.

I have made several trips to the cabin with the family and spent many hours playing on new trails up there.  I am not sure if the name will still be Seeley Pass, but there is a now a trail heading South from Ojibwe that will connect up with Seeley Pass next year.  Big berms, cool features, and increased vertical changes makes this my new favorite trail in the Cable/Hayward area.  Just wish I knew the official name.  The Chequamegon 100 course could soon be redesigned with a ton more single track.  Oh, and I can access it all literally starting from my backyard and not touching the paved road in front of the cabin.

I made a trip down to ORAMM (Off-Road Assault on Mount Mitchell) to race in the NC with Triguy.  The Ashville area is incredible and I even got a chance to hit the dirt with ex-midwest native Chris Strout.  The race itself was 63 miles and 11,000+ feet of climbing.  Lack of riding leading up to the race had me suffering, but oh was it so much fun.  I hope to return next year and in better shape.  The course itself is much harder than I expected.

My Father and I just returned from Cable.  The red cabin is getting a makeover as we replace the old suffering cedar siding with vinyl.  The process includes removing the siding in roughly 4" widths, removing the same size pieces of partical board, laying 1/2" polystyrene over the outside, and then installing the new siding.  It is a process that eats up time quickly.   Thanks to help, all the windows have been wrapped with aluminum as well.  We managed to get about 1/3 of the cabin done.

My near future bike event plans include the The Northwoods Adventure, Chequamegon Fat Tire 40, and a return to the local Tuesday night throwdown.  I am not sure if the Northwoods is a race, but I will not be treating as such.  Instead, it will kick off my training for the winter season.  I look forward to spending 300 mile on remote back roads up near the boundry waters area.  The Fat Tire, hmmmmm.  Love the weekend, tolerate the race.

The kids are healthy and doing great.  I can't be happier with my family life.  I will update more here.  Pics to come.

Wednesday, July 04, 2012

Parade time.

Watching the parade. Just saw the "Legend". Hot, more secret Rocky Balboa training to come. Found some of the new Big bermed corners everywhere. Really, really fun.

Sunday, July 01, 2012

Been busy

So to both of my faithful readers of the blog, things have been busy.  Last week's Chequamegon 100 didn't go as hoped, but with the lead up it went as expected.  My upper back was jacked up and I found out it wasn't my lower back muscles that also hurt, but my kidneys.  I was hurting pretty bad when I woke up that morning and hoped it would go away.  The pain got worse, I quit about 35 miles in, and despite drinking a ton of water, my post race "liquid expulsion" was a nice shade of brown.  After several tests at the clinic they basically threw up their shoulders and blamed some mysterious virus.  Oh well, I seem to be feeling better, and I took a week off the bike to try to get things cleared out.  My free time has been filled up with lots of projects at the rentals.

Now it is off to do some Rocky style training.  Future races haunt my mind including ORAMM this month with Tri Guy, a gravel stage race in way North MN that I can't remember the name of but it is in September, and Arrowhead this winter.  Arrowhead has been on my mind all year so far.  Weird.

Did I mention I love my bike?  My Superfly 100 Pro is awesome.  Last year's SF 100 got shipped out to Tri Guy after he wrecked his old bike.  Good to see it going to a good home. 

I have to work now.  Seems when I am not at work I am still working.  SSDLocation.

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Quick update and then drive North

Red Wing MNSCS
Went something like this
-back of the pack starting postioning, work really hard, good spot into singletrack
-first lap, good legs, can't breath, catches up to me 1/3 of the way in, ride like little girl for long while as I gasp for air
-second lap hot and muggy, getting into groove, do I feel rain?  Yes!
-third lap, getting greasy as it dumps rain, cool, feeling really good, riding well, moving up, having fun!
-forth lap, nasty conditions, having fun, bike works perfect, 12th place.
-the new 29-1 tires are awesome, not great mud tires, but not that bad, light, big volume, great traction
-Front wheel bearings so-so, left BB bearing locked up, pulleys locked up, overhauled all, spinning great!

Chequamegon 100
-race on Saturday
 -looking forward to riding sweet trails for 100 miles (except that F%$#ing birkie trail)
-not expecting a repeat, but I didn't expect a one peat, doesn't mean I won't try.
-more competition=good

-my back has been nasty this week, on par with worse ever.
-tight, pain, etc.
-Not missing Saturday's start.

-can't wait

Saturday, June 16, 2012


Last several days have been busy with projects at he rentals.  The most time sensitive is finishing off some hardwood floors in time for the polyurethane to dry before the next move in.  I need to go over for another coat in an hour, and then another later today.

In other news I managed to weasel (thanks Mark) my way into racing the MN series race at Red Wing tomorrow right after the wife finishes the Rochesterfest Tri.  I hope to be more aggressive in my start and have my fingers crossed for better legs than Mankato.  The current plan is to ride the 50ish gravel miles home after the race for a good butt kicker.  Cheq 100 is the next weekend and I have my doubts on riding well, so a last minute body thrashing sounds like just want I need.

It will be really interesting to see if the Mankato cheater shows up tomorrow.  Sounds like more than one person has some type of plan if he decides to race.  I am hearing from several people now that the guy has always been shady and cutting the course would not seem out of norm (it is actually thought he cut at least one other part of the course out as well).  A few more witnesses to the infraction could get him penalized, so if anyone saw anything speak up.

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Racing fun, Cheaters not.

MN Series Mankato Race
Two more races in the books.  Mankato was fun, although my legs were in a lot of pain even before the start.  On top of that the back was super tight and twisted, but I had fun and felt like my body rebounded for the last two laps.  It had been 2 years since I lined up for a MN series race and at least 10 since I have been to Mt Kato.  Gotta say, of the MN courses I have raced this is my favorite.  Great combination of trails there.  A really bad starting position combined with crappy legs had me in 22 overall.  On a plus my lungs were awesome.  I am not sure if that was a sign that I just wasn't able to fully push myself though.  Looking to do better next time I show up to one of these races.

Me in the black.  Thanks to Jay Richards.

Thursdays at Whitetail Ridge
Thursday night I found myself with the ability to finally check out the racing in River Falls and shut Bob up from his constant taunts to get out there instead of Buck.  I took the "win" over Nate Lillie.  Not nearly the turn out for this race with maybe 8 guys total, but the trails are an absolute blast.  Nick and Bob are super cool guys that run the night and trails.  Buck Hill is nice for the family aspect and finding a deep tough field, but I would much rather ride the trails in River Falls any day.  Only complaints to making a an awesome trail better would be that they are not longer (6.5ish miles) and not closer.  Consider making the trip and rip it on the super fun dirt.  That night was really nice as it was one of the few times this year I toed some kind of start line and felt good.

Picture stolen from Bob, but he stole my heart so we are even.
 Tri rocking the trails at WTR tonight!

 Cheater, Cheater, Pumpkin Eater
"I definitely saw him cheat".  This little gem came from a friend that also raced Mankato.  He saw a certain gentleman shortcut a significant portion of the course on the first lap as if something happened and he was going to DNF, but instead joined back in the racing action.  I would pass this same individual towards the end of the race.  Not cool at all.  I have debated "outing" him, but since I did not see the infraction I decided not to.  I can say that I met Jan Rybar for the first time after the race as we cooled down and he seems like a great guy.  Jan = not a cheater.  I understand this same cheater had been banned from Mankato racing years ago, but somehow made it in.

Saturday, June 02, 2012

School's Out!

As both of my fans know, I am married to a teacher.  While she works, I am running training camp at home with our 2 daughters and occasionally other camp members (and managing the properties all year long).  Well, yesterday was the last day of school thus the picture.

With the transition to warm days also is my return to the shop.  Yup, Rochester Cycling will be blessed with my presence again this summer as I hammer out repairs and help people look for just the right chamois.  Tuesday will be my first day.  Expect sales at all the other shops in town to dip upon my return.

This summer is shaping up to be a fun one.  Kind of at the last minute I have made plans to race the MN series race in Mankato.  I think it may be 10 years or so since I was last there and 2 years since I lined up at a state series race, so it should be fun.  I just found out it is the MN championship race as well, so that should bring out all the heavy hitters to slap me around for the day.

Oh what about the bike?  Well, I got my new bike.  It is "Superfly", rides like a perfect "100", and is more than enough for even the pickiest "pro" (not that I am).  I made a few mods for myself that should prove to be awesome.  I truly love this platform and am excited for another year or racing on it.

Good luck to "Kitty" and all the other DK200 racers this weekend.

Saturday, May 19, 2012

Cable Classic and the back up bike.

Well, I didn't work much at selling last year's bike, so I had to slum it on a 2011 ride. Sure, it may be a super fast carbon Trek Superfly with sram xx and carbon wheels, I may have barely ridden it last year, but it is still so "last year". Oh, and it is for sale with race x-lite or xxx-lite wheels.

The Cable Classic went pretty good. A race Tuesday then Thursday had my legs with no snap and lots of pain right off the bat on Saturday. Scott K-Y led it basically the entire way at the start as I kept getting boxed in and grabbing the wrong wheel. As we approached the singletrack Scott would almost get crashed out as a few wheel suckers would make dangerous passes trying to get by before the ribbon's of dirt (I thought these were uncalled for after no one would work with Scott).

Through the dirt and back on the road my legs were not having it. I watched the front guys ride away and I just rode a relaxed pace. The legs would get a little better about half way and I would proceed to pass and catch 2 riders. Next I would find Mike B. and he sat on as I powered us the last few miles of rails to trails. He sat up at the finish. I guess I got 6th which really surprised me considering how the legs felt cooked all race.

Next is a night ride and a long ride up here with the cabin mates and sweet trails. Way better than racing a state race or gravel. Oh, and got to watch a bear for a few minutes from the cabin this morning. I love it here!

Friday, May 18, 2012


So yeah, my 17.5" 2012 Trek Superfly 100 Pro with American Classic/Stan's Arch Ex wheels was stolen out of my car in my driveway Tuesday night.  I forgot to bring it in after setting the course record (31:49 vs 31:50) at Eastwood.  Several other cars were broken into as well.  Serial number is WTU079T507oG.

Last night's Buck Hill race was interesting.  I got there late after 2 poop stops (kid, not me).  Lined up with no warm up and on last year's bike which felt really different.  Started moderately, hit singletrack, felt the front end loose, slide out hard because of a really low front tire, lost a bunch of spots, stopped at the Penn truck to pump it up at the end of lap 1, lost a bunch of spots, then started counting the people in my race I passed until the finish (not the rec riders).  16 the 2nd lap, 7 the 3rd lap, 2 the last lap.  I went from the 40's to around 18th.  Felt a lot better in the breathing department.

Couple of notes:
Going to do Cable, on last year;s bike, that is for sale.  Hit me up.
My allergies had been crazy bad, which made my breathing crazy bad, found a great remedy. 
I am going to ride super fun trails in NW WI while most racers ride Afton (not a fan) for several laps.  I already won.
Anyone looking for lodging for the classic and riding the next day?  507-254-8936.  Me and Triguy will have room. 
I am the king of Eastwood, no way Matt can touch my time. 

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Little girl, Big Girl.

I am in need of some updates:

The Sandwich 50 went off without much troubles at all despite the rain trying to make trouble.  I felt decent power for the first 3 laps and then my body started to shut down hard towards the end of the 4th; similar to what happened at the end of Transiowa.  Taking stock of my life over the last several weeks I finally admitted to myself that I have been desperately void of rest, and my body was simply exhausted.  I stopped in order to survive for another day.  The day was fun though, no doubt.  This last week has seen mucho sleepo.  It is nice.

The first Thursday night at Buck Hill was a different story.  My little time warming up had me breathing hard and weak legs.  That is typical until the lungs open up so I wasn't too worried.  Usually during the 4 laps around the 2ish mile course I spend the first lap struggling and then get stronger as the lungs open more.  Well, the first two laps I was gasping for air much more than normal, just trying to survive.  I watched hoards of people ride by me on the hill as I pedaled like a little girl.  Frankly, my pace was a little embarrassing up the "mountain".  Towards the end of the 2nd lap the lungs came around just a tad and I rode like a big girl.  I think in the last lap alone I passed 7 riders, still not 100% there.  Crossing the finish I went into full blown asthma attack.  No cool down unless you count laying on the ground for many minutes, too weak to even stand.  It was over an hour later until my breathing was anywhere near back to normal.  This asthma stuff really sucks sometimes.

The rest of the weekend was spent with the family up at the cabin, shredding local trails.  More than once, while riding by myself, I laughed out loud like a little kid playing with his toys.  Tis the season for ticks and mosquitoes up there.  It always seems to get better in the summer and fall.  It really is not a problem as long as you don't stop too long on the trail and check yourself after the ride.  Interestingly enough, I don't remember a single mosquito around the cabin.

So our 3 1/2 year old daughter has been fighting potty training.  Oddly, the other night she announced she needed to go potty.  She came back with the announcement that she went poopy (the biggest obstacle by far).  Our little girl is finally turning into a "big girl". 

Thursday, May 03, 2012

Transiowa go boom.

Gotta say, this race was about the most "chillexed" I have been in a long time.  Whether it was getting ready at the hotel room with my roommate Charles, hanging out at the prerace dinner, or waking up the next morning.  No nerves, just looking to ride and have fun. 

We just missed nasty weather as we lined up at 4am in Grinnell, IA.  I was thankful because I didn't feel like riding in the rain when it was just under 40 degrees.  The start was cool as there were 70 or so pairs of lights headed out into the Iowa countryside.  What we found for the first 15 miles was strong headwinds and fresh gravel.  Somewhere around dawn the gravel became a little less annoying and our direction was not straight into the wind.  At the first checkpoint (52 miles in) I caught back up with the front group after a stop to stretch out the knee that now caused me pain.

There were six of us; Matt and Travis Braun, Eric Brunt, John Gorilla, and Troy Krause.  Into another headwind we formed a single file line that would soon slow up to allow a few riders that were dropping off not to brave the wind alone.  This happened a few times until a right turn and I found myself alone with the Braun brothers.

Talk about fun!  We talked about all sorts of things, but primarily the discussion revolved around the belief by many that the Salsa Fargo is the best bike out there for almost any situation.  Our glowing praise of a bike that could be just as comfortable as a cyclocross bike as it could be with a double clamp raging downhills caused us to break into song many times.  Oh, the fun we had!  We had especially great plans for the watch if we came in together for the win!  The planned rumor of a mystery rider on a Fargo off the front never gained steam as G-Ted laughed it off.

Downhill Fargo ready for the world cup, John Travolta singing it's praises.  You probably can't tell, but this was photoshopped.  Thanks to Matt Braun for this masterpiece.

Well, at about 140 miles in I started to get dizzy and the engine room started to shut off the power.  A few flats later thanks to some random large chunks of gravel and the Braun brothers remained by my side, determined that we at least get to the 2nd checkpoint (170 miles in) together.  I stopped a few times for dizziness, but the brothers from the same mother seemed more frustrated that the lighter wasn't working for their fireworks than the fact I was causing them to lose time. 

At mile 170 I told them to go on.  I would briefly join the next group behind us that had not been seen for 70 miles.  At the 2nd checkpoint we had a 20 minute lead.  Ten miles later after riding by myself and trying to get in a groove the wheels completely came off.  I ended up with 200 miles for the day after riding to a nearby town and a huge smile from the fun I had.  In my heart I never had the fire to finish the race, but that was fine. 

Ari, Gumby, and Tim came to pick me up and the fun continued all the way back to the start.  Thanks guys!  Thanks to the Brauns!  Thanks to Charles and good job out there!  Thanks to G-Ted for the race!

J-No and Brian, you are still dead to me.