Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Mine is bigger than yours.

 So I Christmas came early at the Tri house.  Looks like I will be once again riding a fantastic 907 and all the joy and speed it brings.  Sure wish though I had the ability to run the big rubber like the Surly Moonlander, but oh well.

I have yet to hear much chatter on the 907 hubs, but they rank up there with the smoothest hub bearings I've gotten my hands on.  The freehub pawls also seem super strong and loud!  We'll see how loud when I get rubber to road, but color me impressed.  But what is this?  Why a 100mm clownshoe rim?  Huh, why oh why?  Note: looks like I should have wiped the hub of lint before the pic.

Wait, what is that?  **Rub eyes**  Is that a 186mm rear dropout?  My word!  This certainly brings the cassette out farther for a good chainline if I ever wanted to run hugenormous tires ala moonlander, but what about tire clearance?

Yikes!  From my preliminary measurements I am looking at the ability to run 100mm rims + Surly's 4.8 tires no problem.  This frame is to moonlanders as the other 907's are to pugsley's.  Same ability, only lighter, faster and ability for a stronger rear wheel.  The 186 and are are going to have some fun, and hopefully knock out some impressive fatty race finishes. 

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