Monday, November 19, 2012

Slowly it rises from the earth.

 Slowly the new bike takes form.  I am waiting on a few secret parts to finish the build, so for now this is what you get.  Obviously the front wheel right now is just a place holder.  The rear tire is one from Origin8 and will be used for general riding/training.  IT...IS....HEAVY.  The "race" tires should be almost 2 pounds lighter PER tire.  Yikes!  Also, much of the time this will be a 1x10 system with my good ol' Suntour XC Pro shifter taken into service once again.

What bike am I riding?  I forget, let me check my top cap or headset.

You want big clearance?  Boom!  This may just be a prototype, but you could fit a small child in there!

1 comment:

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