Thursday, January 31, 2008

Going up North

My old man and I are headed up North this morning. Four days of working on the cabin in store for us. So far your view of the inside has been limited. Although the place is not a dump, we have many changes in store that will make it look much better.

I think at one point this blog had something to do with biking and not cabin stuff. Well, if you must know my training has been going very well. I think I am stronger than last year, but time will tell on that. This week has been turned into a rest week as I simply do not have time for many hours on the bike.

I must get to work now as there is a lot to do. Maybe you would be interested in doing something similar? Or, maybe you will just go to some other website and waste time?

Monday, January 28, 2008

And the Empire grows...

After signing the paperwork Friday, My Baby's Momma and I decided to travel North to the new Cabin on Sat. The intention was to do a little cleaning, a little hiking, and bring a van load of furniture from "Chuck's Furniture Gallery". Chuck insisted it was ours to keep (good cop) , but his wife said, "hey, how about a weekend up at the cabin?" (bad cop). Well, their strategy worked, so sometime this summer Chuck will be living Northwoods style.

Some trees, Baby's Momma, and property #4 in the Empire.

Before purchase with owls. ................................Then this weekend with most owls gone.

A super good breakfast at The Brick House in Cable on Sunday morning and we were hiking. Where did we go hiking you may ask? Well, out the front door of course.
2 Minutes walking and we were on the Esker Trail(Part of Camba). No driving to the trailhead, no walking on a street, just out the front door we went.

Grab something, call it a "stick", and Nina will do her best to destroy it.

After an hour Nina got chilly. I had to warm her up in my coat and Becky gave away her scarf. We forgot her doggie sweater, and we'll have to get her some booties.

Words can't express how excited we are to go again (we were there less than 24 hours). Cable, WI is extremely peaceful and relaxing. Trails are endless and start out the front door. Dale (Augie's Son) is also extremely nice and he has a cabin next door!
Next weekend is a 4 day weekend with my Old Man. Our job is to make the inside really nice (not the most exciting right now). When we are done it will look awesome!! I'll have to get on the boots again for more exploration.
For now it is back to the daily grind.

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

T-minus 2 days till closing.

Looks like the wife and I will spend our first night up at the cabin this Saturday. We got some hauling to do.

Check out the pics of Augie on his website.
Oh, I gotta contact Chuck's furniture gallery to look at some pieces.
Training is going well. I have been on the trainer again with the temps so low and with me working during the warmest time of the day. I'll be picking up Queen Bee this Friday so that will get me some hours outside on the Monkey again. 10 below just doesn't work well at 7am in the morning.
I gotta sell my bikes (see below) so that I can buy more crap.
Just because they get a kick out of it...Matt Kurke, J-No.

Sunday, January 20, 2008

How to ride on the Interstate

1. Use the buddy system.
2. Look before merging into traffic.
3. Own the road. Oh, and the tunnels too. Note: Pics taken in Duluth while my Baby's Momma ran Grandma's Marathon last year. The road was shut down to cars and does not represent what you would encounter if you stupidly decided to ride on the Interstate.
5 days until the cabin is in possession. At the moment it is vacant during Birkie weekend. Interested?

Thursday, January 17, 2008

"Pippity poppaty, give me the soppity" -Michael Scott

After lots of back and forth, delays, excitement, disappointment, and head scratching we are set to close next week on the cabin. Or as the French call it, Le Cabin.
The outdoor wonderland that is Cable, Wi shall now forever be tainted.
Now comes the cabin to do list...
1. Make it "pretty" on the inside.
2. Get a canoe.
3. Get some snowshoes.
4. Exercise facial muscles so they don't get strained when up there.
5. Work on the "rent the cabin" website.
7. Get it rented so that it is more affordable.
8. Get to work.

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Uh, oh. Looks like we may get the cabin now. Just one small detail and then a closing late next week. At this point I am cautiously optimistic.

Leaving the house tommorrow at 6:30am on the Monkey, over to Ben Point Nine's, out to QB's and then back to Roch. Riding 3 hours in the cold is hot.

Mullets are business in the front and party in the back. Speaking of business, I am sure they would appreciate you working right now.

Monday, January 14, 2008


Lately I have been riding out to pick up the Queen Bee to meet up with her and ride into work. This sees me leaving before 7am so that the 3 hour trip is done before we open at 10am. Ben Point Nine and Mr. T-bone have joined me many times on these endeavors. Today, Ben Point Nine and I called today's ride off. 4 Degrees and 22 mph winds make for a -15 below windchill. That is a little much for 3 hours of non sheltered riding(at least for us slackers).
Don't know what is going on with the cabin. Seems like the family has gone AWOL. Worried? Yeah a little.
We got to see Corky, Mrs. Corky, and Baby Corky over the New Year. Sweet.
My Baby's Momma is a tough ass.
Remember when Sugardaddy rode a bike?
Stuff for sale.
Gary Fisher Supercaliber 29'er, 17.5". Several upgrades over the stock bike (built custom). Crank not as pictured, $1,450. Excellent condition!
Fuel Ex-8 WSD, 16". Barely used, original tires are hardly worn!!
Bontrager Race 29'er wheels. Awesome condition, awesome wheels. $200.
Make an offer, get to work, fight the power.

Monday, January 07, 2008


Just an update on the cabin, it is on hold. An unfortunate death on the seller's side has postponed things for now.

I got some stuff this Christmas (thanks baby Jesus) to help tackle the outdoors on the bike.

Shoes via the baby's momma.


Bike built up by myself, from myself. Charly, oops, I mean studded tires grace the wheel thanks to the folks. Picture was taken pre-ride.


Headed out for almost 3 hours. This would be my 3rd consecutive day of 3 hour rides outside. With the temps a little warmer in the mid 30's, I invited the trophy wife. Fog was the name of the day.

My fine wife riding in the fog with cows and geese hidden in the mist.

The gravel was a little sloppy.

Someone doesn't have sweet new winter shoes, thus their little piggies got cold. I will not name said person, but it was not me.






$1,200 obo

That is it for now.

Get off to the new year right and be a little more productive at work, ok?