Monday, January 14, 2008


Lately I have been riding out to pick up the Queen Bee to meet up with her and ride into work. This sees me leaving before 7am so that the 3 hour trip is done before we open at 10am. Ben Point Nine and Mr. T-bone have joined me many times on these endeavors. Today, Ben Point Nine and I called today's ride off. 4 Degrees and 22 mph winds make for a -15 below windchill. That is a little much for 3 hours of non sheltered riding(at least for us slackers).
Don't know what is going on with the cabin. Seems like the family has gone AWOL. Worried? Yeah a little.
We got to see Corky, Mrs. Corky, and Baby Corky over the New Year. Sweet.
My Baby's Momma is a tough ass.
Remember when Sugardaddy rode a bike?
Stuff for sale.
Gary Fisher Supercaliber 29'er, 17.5". Several upgrades over the stock bike (built custom). Crank not as pictured, $1,450. Excellent condition!
Fuel Ex-8 WSD, 16". Barely used, original tires are hardly worn!!
Bontrager Race 29'er wheels. Awesome condition, awesome wheels. $200.
Make an offer, get to work, fight the power.

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