Sunday, October 31, 2010

Push it real good.

I wonder how many people have middle ringed Red Wing's manhandler on a 35ish pound fat bike? A few hours there of fall fun is good times.


Saturday, October 30, 2010

Races I won't be doing, as if you care,

So endurance races are fun. They really are. Riding, pushing your body to the limit for stupid long periods of time is a true test of your mettle.

Well, in my hours of meditation that I do every day I came to an epiphany. Not all races are created equal. Some are more fun then others. A common thing I find with the endurance races I enjoy is time vs. distance. There is something about racing for 100 miles that is just more fun than riding laps on a course for a set 12 hours.

Things I also discovered is that certain races I would like to do conflict either with other races or family events. So instead of giving you my race schedule, here are races I am sure not to be at next year; Transiowa, Almanzo, 12 hour races, and 24 hour races.

One race I hope to take part in next year is Transwisconsin. Self supported, 600+ miles on a mixture of gravel, dirt, and pavement just seems like a lot of fun. If TransMN gets off the ground I won't be able to help take a long hard look at that as well. The Levis 100 and Ragnarok 105 may see me back to defend my titles. First things first is the frozen race "up North" at the end of January. I am signed up. I got me a snow bike, and I am looking to rumble.

Alright, the I got work to do, and so do you.

Friday, October 29, 2010

Crossing the fatty

Alright, so I have a 31+ pound fat tire bike. In bags I am carrying tubes, tools, and food for long rides. Four large bottles (3 filled to the brim) adorned the bike thanks to special mounts on the fork. The bike has to be pushing over 40 pounds.

So what to do, what to do. Well, show up for the local Thursday night cross event of course. Now some people do this kind of thing on their super light mountain bikes only to be pack fodder. Me, I can't be satisfied with that. So with a huge field showing up we set off. The sets of consecutive barriers and run up proved that my 4" wide tires were not optimal, but after a lap I was riding in 2nd, not far from Drew W. I knew at this point if I could keep it up, the result would be great for my career. Round and round we went. Drew eventually pulled while Joe M. and I duked it out like samurai warriors. Attacks were launched, new high limits were created on our red lines, elbows were thrown, and feelings hurt.

On the last lap emerged a rider on a bike meant for the snow. Yes, I won my first cross race of the year. I am still on a high. I couldn't sleep last night and I gave the big bike a kiss good night. She did well. I only hope that Joe and I can mend our relationship as we both put everything we had out on the course that day. It was WWIII out there.

BTW, the picture above is from Transiowa last year. I just happened to run across it and remembered the crappy roads we encountered.

And now you should get back to work.

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Things I have learned lately

Watching TV is the only way to truly learn I have found. Unfortunately, I mostly just listen to it as I go about my business during the day. Right now political ads seem to be abundant. So here are some things I have learned through passive listening.

-Nancy Pelosi is not someone you would ever want to meet in a dark alley.
-You will lose most of your money if you put it in the stock market.
-Healthcare is bad.
-Everyone is for working families. I am a stay at home Dad at the moment, so not one politician is for me.
-The national debt is huge. They probably put money into the stock market. I think it is pretty much instant loss of money.
-If you are a millionaire you are a bad guy. I am not sure why yet though. Does that mean the poorer you are the better the person?
-There are people out there that want to bankrupt seniors. Leave old people alone!
-Some politicians are hell bent on sending jobs overseas, while others are here to create jobs. This confuses me as I didn't think the government was the HR department for companies, and why would anyone want to ship jobs away?

I am concerned. There is obviously good and evil running for government. Do you realize that you may vote to end all health care, raise the debt, have everyone lose there jobs, support the rich and thus hurt the poor, bankrupt seniors, or support the horrible and terrible Nancy Pelosi? Please, this November do not vote for these things.

Of course there is this as well.


Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Forgive me Gary, for I have sinned.

It has been many years since my last confession.  For years I followed the path of the mountain biking Godfather.  As I have evolved, so has my riding.  Cold winter days of mine have been filled long rides in the snow and plans to make those rides more enjoyable.  I found limits to your current bikes and for this I have found myself in a self questioning downward spiral.  I have always thoroughly enjoyed making dirt tracks with my big Fisher wheels.

Well, with head held low, I beg your forgiveness.  I am spending time with another.  I have adorned her with many of your Fisher approved Bontrager parts.  Please forgive me as I embark on making a mark on the snow racing community.

I understand what my penance is.  Please look forward to a daily blog post through November.  Yes, I know that is severe, but I feel it is deserved.

Humbly yours.