Thursday, October 28, 2010

Things I have learned lately

Watching TV is the only way to truly learn I have found. Unfortunately, I mostly just listen to it as I go about my business during the day. Right now political ads seem to be abundant. So here are some things I have learned through passive listening.

-Nancy Pelosi is not someone you would ever want to meet in a dark alley.
-You will lose most of your money if you put it in the stock market.
-Healthcare is bad.
-Everyone is for working families. I am a stay at home Dad at the moment, so not one politician is for me.
-The national debt is huge. They probably put money into the stock market. I think it is pretty much instant loss of money.
-If you are a millionaire you are a bad guy. I am not sure why yet though. Does that mean the poorer you are the better the person?
-There are people out there that want to bankrupt seniors. Leave old people alone!
-Some politicians are hell bent on sending jobs overseas, while others are here to create jobs. This confuses me as I didn't think the government was the HR department for companies, and why would anyone want to ship jobs away?

I am concerned. There is obviously good and evil running for government. Do you realize that you may vote to end all health care, raise the debt, have everyone lose there jobs, support the rich and thus hurt the poor, bankrupt seniors, or support the horrible and terrible Nancy Pelosi? Please, this November do not vote for these things.

Of course there is this as well.


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