Saturday, October 30, 2010

Races I won't be doing, as if you care,

So endurance races are fun. They really are. Riding, pushing your body to the limit for stupid long periods of time is a true test of your mettle.

Well, in my hours of meditation that I do every day I came to an epiphany. Not all races are created equal. Some are more fun then others. A common thing I find with the endurance races I enjoy is time vs. distance. There is something about racing for 100 miles that is just more fun than riding laps on a course for a set 12 hours.

Things I also discovered is that certain races I would like to do conflict either with other races or family events. So instead of giving you my race schedule, here are races I am sure not to be at next year; Transiowa, Almanzo, 12 hour races, and 24 hour races.

One race I hope to take part in next year is Transwisconsin. Self supported, 600+ miles on a mixture of gravel, dirt, and pavement just seems like a lot of fun. If TransMN gets off the ground I won't be able to help take a long hard look at that as well. The Levis 100 and Ragnarok 105 may see me back to defend my titles. First things first is the frozen race "up North" at the end of January. I am signed up. I got me a snow bike, and I am looking to rumble.

Alright, the I got work to do, and so do you.

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Anonymous said...

Interesting article on heat adaptation to give you an edge in the cold.

Just be careful riding your trainer in the sauna.