Saturday, December 22, 2007

Pro or local schmo

What is the differance between in-laws and outlaws?
Outlaws are wanted! Ha!
Gotta go to see the baby's momma's family. Bringing a new snow bike (pics to come). Bringing new winter shoes (pics to come). Bringing my baby's momma (you've seen the pics).
Christmas is starting off well in more ways than one.
Nina is staying with her Grandparents in Rochester. She has been chomping at the bit to "play" with with the cats.
Alright, time for a new one!!
Who is the PRO?? Who is the local SCHMO??

Sunday, December 16, 2007

Who, who?

The baby's momma and headed up to Cable for the inspection on the cabin. Just a couple of notes.

-Something is gonna be done about the well J-No.
-Augie and his wife raised 6 children here, RIP.
-Augie and his oxen were instrumental in the building of Telemark lodge.
-Sounds like Telemark will be getting sold and a huge water park may get installed.
-This place is going to be so much fun. I am not a winter person, but Cable begs to be explored with the snow on the ground.
-Augie had an owl obsession. This is only a portion of the owls in and outside of the house.

The inspection took 5 flipping hours!! The plan was to stop by and see baby Corky, Corky, and Mrs. Corky on the way back, but it was getting late and my woman was under the weather. By the time we got home I was not feeling well either.
I am gonna get to work on some personal stuff now. Later.

Saturday, December 08, 2007

New place, new website.

Check it out.

More to come on that site. Can you tell I had some time on my hands?

Maybe this Santa should find a new job? Santa, get to work!

Friday, December 07, 2007

Offer accepted, commence giddiness.

You are looking at the next acquisition in the Tri empire. 3 bedrooms worth of up North fun.

Room for the wife, I, and family? CHECK!
Hundreds of miles of trails out the back door? CHECK!
1/2 mile from Telemark Resort? CHECK!
Dozens of lakes and rivers to conquer? CHECK!
Snow shoe and Ski Trails abound? CHECK!
Open for rental? CHECK!
2 groups of people interested in staying already? CHECK!
Me and the woman excited? CHECK!

My baby's momma showing the goods.

Location, and a perfect place to land our private jet.

Well, I know where I am staying for the Fat Tire this year. I also know who may or may not be staying there for the Birkie.
Drop what you are doing, call the spouse, call the friends. You just found where you are going to spend a fun cheap week this year.
Seriously, don't go back to work.
If interested e-mail me at Cheaper than you may expect.

Tuesday, December 04, 2007

One step closer.

This is an access path to one of the best trails in the midwest's largest trail system (off-road and cross country ski).

I (with the folks) am one step closer to buying a 3 bedroom "cabin".

This picture is from the backyard of this "cabin".

Can you say endless riding?

It will be availiable for rental at a very reasonable rate. I already have a week booked and we haven't even accepted the counter offer from the seller yet.

More to come, but this would make a great get-away for you that ride, ski, canoe, or just plain like the outdoors.

Anyone interested in a monster (5 hours) gravel ride this Saturday?

A haiku:

I sit here and type
You sit there and read my crap
Why? Get back to work.

Sunday, December 02, 2007

Riding the storm out.

The first blizzard of the year. Need to ride. And the trainer keeps giving me dirty looks.

Dipped into the Maxipad stash for toe warmth(tip from Mr. Bennet). My ride looked like this. The haze is from the downpour of snow.

Out to the Mayowood trails. Slow going with the thick snow. I was able to ride 95% of the trails. Fun, fun. I am hoping others join me in packing down the trail so that it ride able in the winter (You hear me Kurke?).

"Dam it", was the command. From this Mayowood lake (pond?) was formed.

On the way back, my tracks left 45 minutes earlier were completely buried. By now it was VERY slow going in the snow. Mucho resistance0. Finally, I was able to find a quiet, freshly plowed street. Despite the fact that I was now going up a steep incline, I shifted down 2 gears because there was no snow slowing me down.

3 hours. Only half a bottle of energy drink as the rest froze. Coasting in on fumes pre-bonked.
So what did you do Saturday?
Maybe you should get some projects done around the house instead of reading blogs. How about going for a ride? Do something for gosh sakes.

Thursday, November 29, 2007


15 degrees and wind at 23 mph with gusts up to 37 mph= cold.

I was pretty toasty except the toes. Just a warm pair of socks, my Nike mtb shoes, and booties. Coulda used some toe warmers last night, so I ended running with the bike a few times. I like to see what I can get away with some times.

Hoping to get these for Christmas.

2 hours on the cross bike by myself. Cold, hungry, alone.

Oh, look at the time. You need to work.
Now I wait for J-No to make a smart remark....seems both him and his wife can't stop saying my name :0

Monday, November 26, 2007

Ünathlons, babies, and gravel

Well my "training" officially started for next year. Having signed up for Transiowa for the second time I need to be riding strong by late April. For those that don't know, the race is held in Iowa and consists of about 330 miles of gravel riding. There is little to no outside support. I will not sleep during the 24+ hours of riding.

Also, I will be training for ünathlons. Hear me out here. I have friends that are into the Triathlon thing and they are always talking about their Ironman's and such. Well, I tried running, but the knees are not cool with it. Swimming blows. So, instead of multisport events I am focusing on single sport events. Thus the ünathlons. I believe the event I will concentrate on is cycling, but I am not sure yet. I believe this new sport will spread like wildfire.

Thanksgiving was fun, but Saturday and Sunday brought physical demands. Just under 3 hours of riding each morning with the Velorochester guys and then spending the rest of the daylight hours moving huge amounts of gravel and dirt. My body is tired, primarily the back.

One of the goals this year is to limit my trainer time. Oh, and to dominate every event I enter by astronomical margins.

Did I mention I am trying to acquire a cabin up north? I'll find out if it will happen soon, but hundreds of miles of mountain bike trails will be out the back door, literally.

Baby news!
-Saw Becky's sister's baby again this weekend

-Got to meet my brother's daughter for the first time which was really really nice.

-J No's wife (Lori) is getting huger everyday with the twins wrestling for room in her tummy. Did I mention that twins run in my family? Ok, maybe not.

-Cory "Corky" Gross and his wife Sabrina are also new parents!! They popped out a baby boy that I am excited to go see.


This is a picture of last winter. Nina going nuts for the Frisbee in fresh powder.

Snow is coming.

Yeah, I know it is hard after the holiday, but you should get to work.

Friday, November 09, 2007

Bikes for sale

Anyone interested in a cool full suspension 29'er? I have 2 almost identical ones for sale. Not stock at all btw.

Frame: 17.5" Gary Fisher Supercaliber Race Day w/ lock out. 80 mm of travel.
Fork: Rockshox Reba race with remote lockout. 100mm of travel
Wheels: Bontrager Race 29'er disc
Brakes: Hayes Mag Brakes (better than the HFX 9's that everyone has)
Shifters: Shimano XT
R. Der: Shimano XTR low normal
Ft. Der: Shimano LX
Crankset: Shimano XTR
Tires: Bontrager ACX 2.25
Pedals: N/A
Handlebar: Bontrager Race Lite Big Sweep
Stem: Bontrager Race Lite
Seatpost: Bontrager Race X Lite Carbon
Seat: Bontrager Race Lite
Grips: Bar tape
Both bikes are in great shape!!
Bike #1 going for $1,900 obo.
Bike #2 going for $1,825 obo. It is identical except it has a XT rear der and most of the decals on the fork are removed.
Don't go back to work, figure out how to buy one of these sweet bikes!!

Thursday, November 08, 2007

Shake and Bake

Just some notes.

What happened to Jeff Hall's site (see link right). MAN DOWN! MAN DOWN!!
...and Sugardaddy's (rumor is he will be riding a bike again soon enough)
...and Ben's (although he is guest blogging??)
...I need to update my links.

It is cold.

The new ride will be coming soon. It says Trek, it likes to 69, and bounce up and down.

I have never owned a Trek branded mountain bike before.

Need to sell the Supercaliber's now. Anyone interested in a decked out 29'er? Maybe two? Specs to folllow soon.

Saw Blades of Glory last night. Heard it was funnier than The Ballard of Ricki Bobby, a movie that will blow your mind. It is not. Like most Will Ferrel movies I thought it sucked.

Got an e-mail from Frank. He takes pictures. Cool pictures. He took a bunch at the last cross race in Ham Lake. His website is here. Ignore the little girls in tutu's. I think he had on pink ear warmers at the race, cool.

This kid can kick your butt.

A pic of the start of the Ham Lake CX. Guy in blue helmet in middle is A. Birr. I stand to his right (your left). Talk about a sweet action shot.
Shake and Bake. You see that, that just happened!!
Get to work.

Monday, November 05, 2007

Double crossing (in more ways than one).

This post is dedicated to Chris "do as I say, not as I do" Fisher. You see, our team got second in the MNSCS expert series after a tie breaker. Chris "d.a.i.s.n.a.i.d." Fisher decided that it was my fault as I had only shown up for the first 2 races in the series (the only 2 that I had planned on). Chris on the other hand neglects to point out that if he had only finished 1 of the races he DNF'd in the series it would have been won.

What is that? Oh yeah, I was going to race this Sunday, but Chris "d.a.i.s.n.a.i.d." Fisher said, "Hey, come to the race on Saturday instead. Brendan and I are going to be there and we can all hang out." I thought that was cool, so I changed plans. Needless to say Chris "d.a.i.s.n.a.i.d" Fisher was a no show at the race. Hmmmmm. Brendan said he was at some event with his fiance, Jen "big smiles" Meyer. I am guessing they toured the factory were they make the American Girls. That would fit the profile.

So this is for you Chris. Big smiles, big smiles.

Crossing at Ham Lake

I decided to do the A (60 minutes) and B (45 minutes) races as to try to jump start any fitness that is left. I have not been on the bike that much, and with the A race only costing an extra $5 I figured it was more ride time.

Lined up for the B race with Adam Birr of the team. He told me of how the course was a glorified dirt crit, and he was right. 2 barriers and no run up, a loooong paved section, and almost no climbing was not my idea of a fun cross race (note, I am not complaining, just stating). We took off at the start were it narrows down dramtiacally in the first 30 feet. I got into the woods in second and proceeded to try to warm up. The legs were so-so as I settled in with the top 6 paceline. At some point I was with 2 others as we approached a lapped rider and a barrier at the same time. The lap rider went in the middle, one guy went to pass on the left, the other guy and I went to pass on the right. Well, the lapped rider went sideways, the guy with me took him down, and I came to a dead stop. Hopped on the bike with a banged up knee, skinned shin, and knowledge that they weren't badly hurt. Ended up passing 2 guys on the last lap that bobbled to bring home 6th out of 80 overall, or 3rd out of 34ish in the Cat 3's (depends how you want to look at it). I was happy with that.

Then I lined up for the A race 10 minutes later. Talked to Brendan, but no Chris. What, no Chris? I knew that I was not going to be blowing anyones doors off, so I purposely let everyone go into the woods first. My first lap was allright, then my legs left me. I was cashed. My only thought was to keep riding until I got lapped and then pulled. Oh, here comes the top 3, a little trash talking from me and they were off. They must have ceramic bearings in their wheels. Looked forward to getting pulled at the finish, but nope. They don't pull riders (CRAP!!!). Kept riding. Slowing more and more each lap to a pathetic crawl. Ended getting lapped by Doug and company 3 times.

Now I blog, sip coffee, and get ready (mentally) for work.

Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Happy Halloween!!

I thought I would celebrate Halloween with some pictures of everyone in their costumes.

L to R: Brendan M., Ben M., Chris "I'm engaged" Fisher, and Myself.

My newly baptised niece.

J-No (Since 2000), attempting to win the "Sexiest Costume" award for the third year in a row.

L to R: Deb L. (Queen Bee), Tiffany W. (T-bone), and Becky (My Baby's Momma) representing the WOW contingent.

Matt H (Big Head) and Linda H (Mrs. Big Head) getting ready to score some rad candy.

I hope everyone has a good Halloween. Watch out for the Snickers with razor blades in'em.
Back to work!

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

But it's a Schwinn!

I am not sure what it is, but one of our favorite customers at the shop are the Schwinn men (read with sarcasim). They expect you to know exactly what they need for there 25 year old Schwinn without having seeing it, or knowing what the customer is describing. When you say you need to see the bike the response is ALWAYS, "but it's a Schwinn"!

Here is a sample conversation. First you must picture a man in his late fifties or later (yes, they are ALL like that) by himself. Sometimes he'll be carrying parts in a coffe can/rag/plastic baggie:

Me: Hi, what can I help you with?

Customer: Yeah, I need a bolt/nut/part.

Me: Where on the bike do you need that bolt (trying to narrow it down).

Customer: Well, it is near the wheel. It is about 5/8" round and has threads on it.

Me: O.K., there are several different sizes that that bolt could be. I would have to see the old bolt or the bike to get you the right one.

(Here it comes)
Customer: But it' a Schwinn!

Me: Yes, but it still could be several different sizes.

(I swear they all say this too)
Customer: Well, I bought it here 15-20 years ago. It still runs great. It is in mint condition. Do you guys take in trade-ins?

Me: We don't take in trade-ins on old Scwinn road bikes because no one wants them.

Customer: Well, that is too bad. It is in really good shape....

(Fast forward 10 minutes later after the old guy gets done telling me about the history of the bike, what he is doing to it, his wife's bike, how he does all of his own work, what the shop used to look like, and the last mechanic he had spoken too 5 years ago.)

Me: Alright, I'll see you later.

Later they bring in the bike. Every customer that thinks they are going to trade in their bike describes it as being in MINT condition, by the way. This is how these bikes look when they actually bring them in. Note the crooked seat, brake levers, bent handlebars, velcro water bottle holder, and poor bar tape. That is not counting the fact that it probably needs a ton of work.

Time to ride then work.

Monday, October 29, 2007

Looking at and riding like a child.

Wake up Sat morning. Try to figure out if that was a mouse in the bathroom, or crap in my eyes. Go to store, buy traps, set said traps, and off we go to WI for a baptism..

I became an uncle for the second time (technically). My first niece is closely guarded by my brother and his wife who have decided to lock us out of their lives (and most of the rest of the family). Watch the movie "Saving Silverman" and you will understand what has happened. So, this feels like the first time I have become an uncle.

Becky's sis and husband (in pic) took the proper steps to conceive a child (ask your parents), and now here we are. This picture is just before the priest tries to drown Kaydance. I think Alysia and Chris (mom and dad) just were doing this so they didn't have to give her a bath that day.

With Halloween being so close they decided to dress Kaydance up as an Amish child for the ceremony.

Me, the baby's momma, and a baby (not ours).

The next day I decided to embarrass myself at a cross race in Milwaukee. With it being my second cross race in years and the fact my bikes have been sadly alone since July, I suited up for the "B" or Cat 3 race. I started in the back, shot to third at the start, and moved to first through the barriers. A couple of turns later and I was picking myself up after sliding out in a corner. That took the wind out of my sails, and backwards I went. It seems that on that first lap everyone else was faster as I came through the finish in 24th or DFL, ouch. My plan was just to be steady and not bring up the rear. The whole race I could only keep my 5-speed transmission in 4th gear, but I was able to keep it there the entire time. I spent the rest of the race working my way forward as others slowed. The top 5 had a massive gap, but I finished ninth with 6th, 7th, and 8th within spitting distance.
This week I'll actually try to ride my bike and see if I am able to find my 5th gear for this Sunday.
Me running the barriers, or as Becky calls them, "the jumps".

Yo, yo!

Sunday night I found a mouse in one of the traps. It had clamped down on his face and I let it free outside to invade another house. Through this process I found out that Becky is deathly afraid of those four legged rodents.

Less bloggy, bloggy. More worky, worky.

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Running, and not from the cops.

This is the reason I am going to do a half marathon this January. Gotta go run 5 miles now. I am not a fan of running.

Get working.

Saturday, October 20, 2007

Marathons with the Careys, A week behind

Welcome to the town of Ashland, WI; home of the Whistle Stop Marathon. Once again, the Tri's and Carey's joined forces to battle the elements and hotel prices of a marathon.

Becky (my baby's momma) and Erin (Mark's baby's momma) would be supported by there evil counterparts, the men.

It was a chilly morning as Mark and I rode the course backwards in hopes of finding our women. Here we had to stop for the 5K to start. There was a 5k, 10K, half, and full marathon going on at the same time on different parts of the same course.

Erin is only a couple of miles into the half marathon and she thinks she already won.

This is what happens when you take a triathlete onto a smooth dirt path.

Becky owning #261.

Look!! Becky is coming to the finish!!!

Here she is. 3:49.04, a new personnal record. Knocking over 12 minutes off of her old time. 8 minutes and 5 seconds from a Boston qualifying time.

Erin thinks she looks ugly in every picture, except this one.

Mark attacking my wife. Maybe I should do something about that. Hmmm, maybe not.

Becky rarely enjoys a Micky-D's burger. I think she likes it.

I took two extra days off from work to get last minute projects done around the houses before it starts to snow. Windows have been put in, block has been taken out, branches have been cut, gravel has been layed, and dirt has been delivered. I am not even half done with the projects that need to be done this 4 day weekend.
I got to go to work now.

Saturday, October 06, 2007

Unexpected baby news.

I was pumped for my across the midwest adventure. My baby's momma's momma and daddy are very sick though. Trip is postponed. Charly's big adventure is cancelled. So sad, so sad.

Now, I try to go finish one of the duplexes projects this weekend. Hmmm, work on the house, or ride my bike a ton. Which is more fun?
By the way, there seems to be a lot of baby news:
-Cory "Put a rock in your jersey" Gross and Sabrina are about ready to pop with #1.
-Richard "Local Schmo #1" Bennet and Diane just pumped out #3 this wed.
-Jason "J-No since 2000" Novak knocked up his wife. Now they found out there is 2 creatures in her belly, not one. This would make #3 and #4.
-Our old neighbors Maren and Steve "old neighbors" Rudzik are ready to pop soon as well.
In other baby news. ***Drum roll please*** After trying for a long time, Becky and I are proud to announce that she is not pregnant!! This is very exciting news for us. We have been trying for this since we got married. We just found out recently and I am bubbling over with excitement. I also notice that Becky has that "glow". I have heard of the non expectant mother glow, but had never thought it was real.
Congrats to everyone, and I guess that includes us!!!!

Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Doing it for 20 hours.

For the last 2 years I have been dreaming about riding to my in-laws in Oconomowoc, WI. This weekend we are traveling to see my new niece.

I plan to ride there. I leave Friday night. My planned route is 1/2 paved and 1/2 crushed rock.

It is 250 miles total.

I don't plan on sleeping, or stopping for considerable lengths. I hope to be done in under 20 hours.

What do you have planned for 2am Saturday morning? I plan on being on my bike somewhere in WI.

Saturday, September 29, 2007

I like to 69.

So I have some time on my hands to update. Today you get three posts in one. Each separated by entertaining pics.

This weekend was full of plans to get the siding and windows done at one of duplexes. Seems mother nature had a different idea and now I sit and watch the rain come down. Becky managed to get in a run before the rain. It seems this large, playful puppy followed her home. I am guessing he is about 9 months as he is almost full grown, but still extremely playful. With a white and tan pit bull head and tan body he is really cute. Nina and him seem to get along great! I'll be taking him to the local Paws and Claws here soon as it is not open yet. Who knows what we'll do if the owners are not found?

This Thursday marked the most important day of the year. Yes, "The Office" season 3 premiere! We had some folks over and fun was had. Michael Scott and the crew did not disappoint. The next three weeks are hour long episodes, so more fun times are on there way. There is one reason I watch T.V and this is it.

Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday were spent in Las Vegas with KC, the two time MN series champ. We rode the latest and greatest Monday and Tuesday totaling about 8 hours on different bikes. Brendan had been to the trail system before, so while almost everyone else rode the groomed and overcrowded loops for their ten minute test ride, we went on mini epics on some sweet technical trails. We rode many different bikes. Brendan, a 26'er devotee, was enthralled with the rear suspension on the new Fuel Ex. I had my chance to ride that as well and enjoyed it, but the small (to me) wheels were bothersome. My pick for favorite bike was the new Trek Top Fuel 69'er (a surprise to this 29'er lover). With the 29" front wheel and 26" rear, the bike accelerated and handled like a small wheel, but had the grip and stability out front that I am used to. I do believe I am converted once again. Brendan had promised to break his 29'er virginity while we there, but as we were lined up for the buses on the last day I was half in the bag from free Trek margaritas and he had still not ventured into the darkside.
I'll try to get some picks loaded from Sin City, but the camera is in the car and it is raining still. Yes, I do not want to get wet.
For now, enjoy your weekend, watch some football, and forget about what Monday brings.

Sunday, September 23, 2007

You want a quicky?

Sorry to keep both of my loyal readers waiting. I am in a hurry right now, so it is short.

To answer where I left off.

Saw Mr. Lemond on Firetower in the fat tire. He was hurting bad, but as soon it was level again he went zoooooooommmmmmm.

My wife rode up all of Firetower. I did not. Most did not. Last year I middle ringed it, this year granny wasn't enough.

I saw this guy drop farther back then me. He must have DNF'd. He is pro. Now I am better than pro. Man, I am awesome.

I am leaving for Interbike now. Brendan and I have plans to explore the state with legalized prostitution and gambling. Hmmm, what to do, what to do?

You work, I'll go ride some new bikes in Vegas. Deal?

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

3 for 3

Yeah, I have not posted about the big 40 yet, quit your whining. It did not go as I had hoped. Last year, I was hitting on all cylinders, but a mechanical threw a big monkey wrench in to the mix. This year the body did not want to cooperate. As others spent there week prepping for the race, I spent it using my free time to cut and lay tile at one of our apartments. That, combined with not wearing a mask when the tile dust was flying left me tired and not able to breath, and yes, I am a dumb ass for not wearing a mask. That means the last 3 races I was not riding as well as planned. I am 3 for 3 as of right now.

Oh well, I had a blast riding with my homie Cory for most of the event, the bastard beat me by .1 of a second at the end.
I'll add some tid bits tomorrow like;
My run in with Greg Lemond,
What the wife could do that I could not,
what pro did I beat (thus making me a pro) ,
where am I going on Sunday and,
why are you not working.

Friday, September 14, 2007

Fatty 40

Off to the Fat Tire Festival. Hopefully, all things will go well at this road, oops, I mean mountain bike event.

I have more Pro or Local Schmo games to play, but I also want to expand into motivational messages. Here you go.

Seriously, you are at work looking at some dumb picture of a kid playing Super Mario. Do you realize how sad that is?


By the way, I want to thank Jason Novak for posing for this pick. He was kind enough to let me into his house and see his game room. He also won the Rochester Centurion in 1991. Jason, you are awesome.

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Who is that?

It is nice that people are recognizing my awesomeness.

Click here.

In other news, the Fat Tire 40 presents itself this weekend. Not sure what to think of this race. I got a preferred start, so we'll see what happens. The fearsome threesome of Velorochester are planning on using me as there lead out in the road section. Hmmm, as appealing as that is, I want to make it past Rosie's field before I blow up. Maybe, I'll just lead them out through the downtown area when the speed is controlled by the 4 wheeler. Yeah, I think that is that plan.

Other Cheq news is that the shop will be closed this Friday afternoon and Sat. Why? Seems all but one of us plans on being in Hayward, WI this weekend.

Is surfing meaningless blogs in your job description?

Sunday, September 09, 2007

Pro or Local Schmo, part 2

O.K., how about this one. Who is the Pro, who is the local Schmo?

Again, no clues given.

Mmmm, time to work again?

Friday, September 07, 2007

Pro or Local Schmo, part 1

Can you identify who the pro is and who the local schmo is?

No hints will be given. Don't spend too much time on this as you do have to work you know.