Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Who is that?

It is nice that people are recognizing my awesomeness.

Click here.

In other news, the Fat Tire 40 presents itself this weekend. Not sure what to think of this race. I got a preferred start, so we'll see what happens. The fearsome threesome of Velorochester are planning on using me as there lead out in the road section. Hmmm, as appealing as that is, I want to make it past Rosie's field before I blow up. Maybe, I'll just lead them out through the downtown area when the speed is controlled by the 4 wheeler. Yeah, I think that is that plan.

Other Cheq news is that the shop will be closed this Friday afternoon and Sat. Why? Seems all but one of us plans on being in Hayward, WI this weekend.

Is surfing meaningless blogs in your job description?

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