Sunday, September 23, 2007

You want a quicky?

Sorry to keep both of my loyal readers waiting. I am in a hurry right now, so it is short.

To answer where I left off.

Saw Mr. Lemond on Firetower in the fat tire. He was hurting bad, but as soon it was level again he went zoooooooommmmmmm.

My wife rode up all of Firetower. I did not. Most did not. Last year I middle ringed it, this year granny wasn't enough.

I saw this guy drop farther back then me. He must have DNF'd. He is pro. Now I am better than pro. Man, I am awesome.

I am leaving for Interbike now. Brendan and I have plans to explore the state with legalized prostitution and gambling. Hmmm, what to do, what to do?

You work, I'll go ride some new bikes in Vegas. Deal?


BlueEyedBikinBabe said...

OK dude. I've heard about it enough. What is Firetower? And ya wuss, you let your wife beat you? Who wears the pants in the house now? :P WAY TO GO B!!!

Chuck Sorenson said...

Is This You?