Sunday, September 28, 2008

New child, new blog.

In an effort to separate the amazingly super human feats I do on the bike and the perpetual perfection that our little family exudes, I have created a new blog to help discern the two.

Please click here to see the new Family Tri blog.

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Abi says hey to the Gellers

Grandma and Grandpa Geller, Auntie Alyssia, and cousin Kaydence stopped by to say "hi".

Can you spot the difference between the 2 pictures??

Nothing will stop tradition!

"Yes. Money has been a little tight lately. But, at the end of my life, when I'm sitting on my yacht, am I gonna be thinking about how much money I have? No. I'm going to be thinking about how many friends I have, and my children, and my comedy albums. I mean, I have a yacht, so I obviously did pretty well money wise. " - Micheal Scott

When you have traditions you have traditions. "The Office" season premiere is tonight, and by golly, we are having our traditional party (just on a much smaller scale and in the hospital).

Abi is going to experience one of the finest things in life tonight. For now, she gets a lot of holding and love from friends and family. Grandma and Grandpa Tri visit with Auntie Kim here in the picture. Uncle Pete even stopped in after a day of making sandwiches at lightning speed. She is now eagerly awaiting the arrival of Grandma and Grandpa Geller, Auntie Alyssa, and 1 year old cousin Kaydence very soon.

Time to wheel Abi around to get her use to the feel of wheels rolling (even if the are 4 inchers). Like I said, training for her pro cycling career starts today. Maybe you should be training to be a productive employee.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Ain't she fair?

With all that hair? Boy there is a lot!
A pause during #1's #1 bath.

Lori from R!ah dropped by the do her hair up nice like Becky's yesterday. OK, maybe she didn't, but if she did it would look something like this.

That is it for now, I'll try to keep everyone updated on the next coming.



Everyone, meet Abigail Rose Tri. All 8 pounds 5.7 ounces of her. Born at about 5am this morning.

Now time to get her training, she has a long pro cycling career ahead!

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

7cm and counting

We are at 7 cm right now. Just waiting. "Doc" says it will probably be past midnight when "IT" show it's face.

Till then, we wait.

Right now we are watching "Drillbit Taylor".

Fun times.

The birth is not like in the movies.

Right now we are waiting. Becky actually made it to 6cm before the drugs. Mayo Clinic has free movies on demand and now we are watching the Nanny Diaries (I did not pick it out).

Erin "Doc" Carey is hanging out out with us until baby comes as she is done with work for today. Being friends with your Doctor comes with some privileges.

There seems to be a lot of people that come in and out to check on things.

Here is a video for you to enjoy until baby decides to get off it's lazy butt. Now we wait and wait and wait.

Stay tuned.

We are here, no baby yet, but close.

As of right now, Becky is resting and I have some time on my hands while I sit next to her. Wi-Fi is nice (how do you say wi-fi Teri?). All of these pictures are straight from the camera and I don't know how to turn them so too bad for you.

We came in at about 4pm in time to get some Oprah time in. Becky did not want to come in yet, but Doc Carey said she needed to get her butt in. She was 5cm when we got in. The epidural (spelling?) was installed about 5:30-6ish. Becky is digging the drugs.

There was a small scare as I got some food that was really nothing to worry about, but they have her on oxygen anyways for the next couple of minutes.

We are a little bit aways, I'll keep you all updated.

As we got here.

Nina is here in spirit.

Oprah had Suze Orman on to talk about people's money troubles.

Becky breathing in the good stuff.

Erin "Doc" Carey wanted to get her picture in here as well.

That is it for now, stay tuned for more.

Yeah, she is supposedly in labor.

Becky has been having contractions since 9pm last night. She slept a little last night, but for the most part had been moaning in pain (which did not help my sleep btw). Even though she considered working, I called her work to let them know she wouldn't be in. Becky is tough.

Lori at R!ah was able to get her in earlier then her scheduled 4:30 appointment (thanks Lori!). Becky got her hair done up while contraction after contraction hit. Told you, she is tough. In my attempt to keep her moving, we stopped by my Mom's work next door. Then back to the house we go.

As of right now she is moaning on the couch and eating mac and cheese. I am trying to stay out of her way, but within beckon call. We plan on growing our family sometime tonight, but for now we wait it out so that we can go into the hospital as late as possible.

Lori looking good (she had twins just 5 months ago) getting Becky prettied up for labor.

My wife on the left, J-No's on the right.

Hi Mom.

Yeah, it is kinda odd that we are spending the day sight seeing the city, but that is how we roll.
Stay tuned for updates.

Off to see the wizard

We have an appointment with the clinic to knock out the young'n, but at the rate we are at now we will be in there sooner.

Looks like I'll be driving Becky to the clinic soon.

Looks like you should be driving efficiency at your place of employment.

Monday, September 22, 2008

#1 child.

Someday my child will grow up. I only hope that I have it in me to raise a brilliant child. One that is selfless, kind, smart, and compassiante. I imagine a fit, attractive, and hard working person that cares for their family deeply. Basically, I imagine my child as #1.

That is, when it finally plops out I can start the teachings. Until then, I will wait to raise the #1 child.

Can you believe Front Load went to work today? She will be induced tommorrow night if no baby. She is at least at 3cm so far. Almost time to pop out #1.


Becky was amazed when I showed her almost all comments on the blog come during the week. Hmmm, I wonder why people are not looking at the blog on the weekend? Yeah, it is no secret you should be working right now.

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Soon enough...

...I'll be able to dress my child in cute little outfits.

Just not yet.

Friday, September 19, 2008

Tick tock

The timer on the oven is winding down, but has yet to ring.





Have you seen my child yet?

Neither have I, but I thought I was going to last night with the way the woman was feeling.

And now, you know who, needs to you know what.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Becky holds the baby!!

When I say Becky holds the baby I am referring to her niece about a year ago. Becky still has the "next coming" hiding out in her stomach.

Anywho, the baby has officially waited long enough for me to get he/she's room ready. The trim is all in except for some quarter edging. It looks sharp. Now, I have to tackle the rest of the main floor.

Becky thinks it is plopping out today.

In the mean time I am already excited to get more projects done and then get started on my training next year. I had a lot of setbacks this year and so far that only gives me more motivation for next year.

Oh, and we are jealous right now. It seems like we are getting a few people renting out the cabin this fall and we can't go up and enjoy it as well. Soon enough, soon enough,

OMG, you need to get BTW. CUL8R. Dang I am hip.

Monday, September 15, 2008

The day before tomorrow.

So, tomorrow is the due date for Front Load to pop out the bun from the oven. I spent this last weekend painting at one of our rentals and treating wood for the new trim and doors that are going in on our main floor. Becky spent the weekend trying to get comfortable and a little cooking and cleaning. For the record, I made sure she was barefoot when she made me my supper in the kitchen. Yes Jenn, sleeping has been hard for her.

Seems like the popular thing to do these days is to call us and see if the tumor has separated from the host body. Nope, still no bundle of joy yet. When it happens, I will have our laptop and camera to be able to update this site with the free Wi-Fi at the Mayo Clinic.

My bike time has been almost non-existent at the moment. I am taking this time as my "off period" for the year. I plan on starting again when the kid pops out. For now I am getting caught up on projects.

This picture was taken this morning.

I got to thinking that Becky has really let her body go. A little web searching I think I found a solution. It seems to be more popular than actually working out (which Becky does still, in small easy chunks).

I am going to get some work done now. Hint, hint.

Friday, September 05, 2008

T minus 12 days

So we got a camcorder so we can see we can document what ever is going to come out of my Baby's Momma. You get to witness one of our first recordings. Warning: extreme stomach proportions.

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