Monday, September 15, 2008

The day before tomorrow.

So, tomorrow is the due date for Front Load to pop out the bun from the oven. I spent this last weekend painting at one of our rentals and treating wood for the new trim and doors that are going in on our main floor. Becky spent the weekend trying to get comfortable and a little cooking and cleaning. For the record, I made sure she was barefoot when she made me my supper in the kitchen. Yes Jenn, sleeping has been hard for her.

Seems like the popular thing to do these days is to call us and see if the tumor has separated from the host body. Nope, still no bundle of joy yet. When it happens, I will have our laptop and camera to be able to update this site with the free Wi-Fi at the Mayo Clinic.

My bike time has been almost non-existent at the moment. I am taking this time as my "off period" for the year. I plan on starting again when the kid pops out. For now I am getting caught up on projects.

This picture was taken this morning.

I got to thinking that Becky has really let her body go. A little web searching I think I found a solution. It seems to be more popular than actually working out (which Becky does still, in small easy chunks).

I am going to get some work done now. Hint, hint.


Anonymous said...

Okay, I always wondered how I could make comments on your blog! A couple of things--first dont worry about Mark and the conversation..I remembered bros before hos! Its all good! Second of all, how is it that you can upload a photo taken two hours ago but you still have wedding photos from last weekend to upload for me?!!?!?! And yes, Becky has really let herself go. I may have to start her on a diet immediately.

Jenn said...

Regardless of what "anonymous" said, I think Becky looks fabulous and is totally glowing, as they say. And she's ALL BABY! I'm jealous b/c I definitely got a little junk in the trunk towards the end of my first pregnancy :) Good luck and may the force be with you!!!