Saturday, September 29, 2007

I like to 69.

So I have some time on my hands to update. Today you get three posts in one. Each separated by entertaining pics.

This weekend was full of plans to get the siding and windows done at one of duplexes. Seems mother nature had a different idea and now I sit and watch the rain come down. Becky managed to get in a run before the rain. It seems this large, playful puppy followed her home. I am guessing he is about 9 months as he is almost full grown, but still extremely playful. With a white and tan pit bull head and tan body he is really cute. Nina and him seem to get along great! I'll be taking him to the local Paws and Claws here soon as it is not open yet. Who knows what we'll do if the owners are not found?

This Thursday marked the most important day of the year. Yes, "The Office" season 3 premiere! We had some folks over and fun was had. Michael Scott and the crew did not disappoint. The next three weeks are hour long episodes, so more fun times are on there way. There is one reason I watch T.V and this is it.

Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday were spent in Las Vegas with KC, the two time MN series champ. We rode the latest and greatest Monday and Tuesday totaling about 8 hours on different bikes. Brendan had been to the trail system before, so while almost everyone else rode the groomed and overcrowded loops for their ten minute test ride, we went on mini epics on some sweet technical trails. We rode many different bikes. Brendan, a 26'er devotee, was enthralled with the rear suspension on the new Fuel Ex. I had my chance to ride that as well and enjoyed it, but the small (to me) wheels were bothersome. My pick for favorite bike was the new Trek Top Fuel 69'er (a surprise to this 29'er lover). With the 29" front wheel and 26" rear, the bike accelerated and handled like a small wheel, but had the grip and stability out front that I am used to. I do believe I am converted once again. Brendan had promised to break his 29'er virginity while we there, but as we were lined up for the buses on the last day I was half in the bag from free Trek margaritas and he had still not ventured into the darkside.
I'll try to get some picks loaded from Sin City, but the camera is in the car and it is raining still. Yes, I do not want to get wet.
For now, enjoy your weekend, watch some football, and forget about what Monday brings.

Sunday, September 23, 2007

You want a quicky?

Sorry to keep both of my loyal readers waiting. I am in a hurry right now, so it is short.

To answer where I left off.

Saw Mr. Lemond on Firetower in the fat tire. He was hurting bad, but as soon it was level again he went zoooooooommmmmmm.

My wife rode up all of Firetower. I did not. Most did not. Last year I middle ringed it, this year granny wasn't enough.

I saw this guy drop farther back then me. He must have DNF'd. He is pro. Now I am better than pro. Man, I am awesome.

I am leaving for Interbike now. Brendan and I have plans to explore the state with legalized prostitution and gambling. Hmmm, what to do, what to do?

You work, I'll go ride some new bikes in Vegas. Deal?

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

3 for 3

Yeah, I have not posted about the big 40 yet, quit your whining. It did not go as I had hoped. Last year, I was hitting on all cylinders, but a mechanical threw a big monkey wrench in to the mix. This year the body did not want to cooperate. As others spent there week prepping for the race, I spent it using my free time to cut and lay tile at one of our apartments. That, combined with not wearing a mask when the tile dust was flying left me tired and not able to breath, and yes, I am a dumb ass for not wearing a mask. That means the last 3 races I was not riding as well as planned. I am 3 for 3 as of right now.

Oh well, I had a blast riding with my homie Cory for most of the event, the bastard beat me by .1 of a second at the end.
I'll add some tid bits tomorrow like;
My run in with Greg Lemond,
What the wife could do that I could not,
what pro did I beat (thus making me a pro) ,
where am I going on Sunday and,
why are you not working.

Friday, September 14, 2007

Fatty 40

Off to the Fat Tire Festival. Hopefully, all things will go well at this road, oops, I mean mountain bike event.

I have more Pro or Local Schmo games to play, but I also want to expand into motivational messages. Here you go.

Seriously, you are at work looking at some dumb picture of a kid playing Super Mario. Do you realize how sad that is?


By the way, I want to thank Jason Novak for posing for this pick. He was kind enough to let me into his house and see his game room. He also won the Rochester Centurion in 1991. Jason, you are awesome.

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Who is that?

It is nice that people are recognizing my awesomeness.

Click here.

In other news, the Fat Tire 40 presents itself this weekend. Not sure what to think of this race. I got a preferred start, so we'll see what happens. The fearsome threesome of Velorochester are planning on using me as there lead out in the road section. Hmmm, as appealing as that is, I want to make it past Rosie's field before I blow up. Maybe, I'll just lead them out through the downtown area when the speed is controlled by the 4 wheeler. Yeah, I think that is that plan.

Other Cheq news is that the shop will be closed this Friday afternoon and Sat. Why? Seems all but one of us plans on being in Hayward, WI this weekend.

Is surfing meaningless blogs in your job description?

Sunday, September 09, 2007

Pro or Local Schmo, part 2

O.K., how about this one. Who is the Pro, who is the local Schmo?

Again, no clues given.

Mmmm, time to work again?

Friday, September 07, 2007

Pro or Local Schmo, part 1

Can you identify who the pro is and who the local schmo is?

No hints will be given. Don't spend too much time on this as you do have to work you know.

Thursday, September 06, 2007

Hiking for the big "win" in SD.

Harney peak is the highest point between the Colorado Rockies and the Swiss Alps. We are a wee bit competitive, so of course this meant Becky and I had to go hike to the top and back....faster than anyone else out there.

The trail head is here.

Yeah, it is a cool lake.

Overtaking some pathetically slow chumps. We passed a lot of people up and down. It was less exciting when they were 60 years old or had small children, but it was still demonstrating our dominance on the mountain none the less.

At the top. It was a long away down.

The trail head sign says allow 4-5 hours. Team Tri did it in 2 1/2 hours. I am in awe of our ability to kick ass on all that is everything! By the way, that is Becky's hand, I use a light blue nail polish.

A drive on Needles highway led us into prairie dog territory. These guys planted themselves at stop signs begging for scraps. What a bunch of fat little beggars.

Some parts on the highway were a tight fit. That big thing could barely fit in (that's what she said).

Well that is all for now. Tonight I will try to to get the first edition of PRO or LOCAL SCHMO started. Stay tuned.
Now it is work time for me, how about you?

Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Rapid City, yo.

So the woman and I spent a week in Rapid City chilling, hiking, and riding. Here we rode at Storm Mountain. A fun loop through the black hills where fun fire roads, flowing singletrack, strong climbs, and very technical rock sections greeted us. I want to thank my homie Cory for the 411 on the places to go while there. For those that don't know, Cory use to be a boy scout. He also got some chick knocked up recently and I guess his wife is cool with it.

Becky descending like a mad woman.

A pic with both of us, and the only one with me in it.
In other news, we knocked out 2 episodes of "The Office: Season 3" last night. Our new bobble head Dwight is sitting peacefully in our kitchen.
That is it for now. More daily musings to come.
Gonna ride for a couple hours and then go to work. Word.

Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Disappearing act?

It has been awhile since any of you have seen updates into the inner workings of all that is Charly Tri. To make up for your lack of news I plan on daily updates all this week to try and catch up.
First things first. In my last entry I was pumped for 24 Hours of Afton coming up. I was a DNS. Why? Well, the Saturday before I got sick. It started with a sore throat, then an upset tummy. Sunday all I wanted to do was sleep. Instead, I drove the 9+ hours back from Rapid City in the rain. When the woman and I got home we were pleasantly surprised with a basement full of soaked carpet from the rains. I did not get to bed that night until 4am. That was my week. Wanting to sleep and recover, but dealing with basement issues and work instead. My first full night of sleep would come Thursday night with Afton starting the next day. Needless to say, I did not want to DNF ANOTHER race. As expected, my teammates at Velorochester (plus Paul "naked" Hanson) dominated the team event again.
Rapid City was a blast. I'll post pics in tomorrow's entry.
Also, this week we will play "PRO or LOCAL SCHMO". This is where you get to guess if the person is a pro rider or a local schmo, and the pics are certainly entertaining.
Oh, and I added some links. It is funny, because there are certain people on there that I have never really met, but I feel I know through mutual friends and reading their blog.
Gotta go and get "The Office: Season 3" at Best Buy. Hopefully I am able to score the limited edition one with the Dundee award and bobble head Dwight. I have been waiting for this day for too long.