Sunday, April 21, 2013

Today in my life.

Good breakfast, some home projects, hill repeats, good supper, and then Tri house recklessness. Dog with eyebrows, dancing, scooby doo mystery machine temporary tattoo appearing to drive down the oldest's butt crack, etc. This is my life.

Friday, April 19, 2013

Ragnarok, Iditarod

Ragnarok this last weekend was fun.  I took to the race as a hard training event after how I have felt this spring, and it became that for sure.  Off I went with enough food and water to carry me through the day.

I spent the first 20 miles with legs that felt like wooden stumps; getting dropped on the climbs and regaining contact with the front group coming down.  On the first of 3 push bike min maintenance road climbs I lost the front group for good.  I would proceed to ride the last 80 or so miles by myself for the most part.  After the top of that first MMR climb I would proceed to pass 4 legit riders (and 1 non legit) on my way to the finish.  Below freezing start, mud, ice, bone chilling wind, near deer collision, passing a duallie tractor on a narrow MMR downhill, all made for quite a day.  All in all, conditions were less than ideal, but having spent most of my riding time training in in similar conditions it was "just another day".

Oh, and Iditarod?  Just got this in an email.  Nothing is set...anxious.

"We received your entry form and check in the mail today.
You are very qualified to enter the ITI with two finishes in the Arrowhead and one win in the Tuscobia 150, but we have nearly 40 race veterans signing up and many rookies to evaluate. 
We will let you know when we make our final decision which rookies will receive a spot in the 2014 race in early May and publish and 2014 roster."