Wednesday, September 03, 2014

Let's start this thing back up.

Frolicking around this summer on my sweet ride.  I have had the opportunity to really "pimp my ride" the last several months.  I want to thank 9:ZERO:7 for making such an amazing bike.  My Nextie rims have been stupid light, crazy strong, and unrelentingly air tight (I have both a 65mm and 90mm set to play with).  Wolftooth continues to make the best wide/narrow chainrings in the biz, plus the GC cog still is kicking dirt after all winter's riding.

The Bluto on the Whiteout is hot.  Love it.  Now that I have more narrow rims (shown) the bike handles like I want as I blast tight corners and such. 

Look for me to start updating more.  Getting this blog back to the 2 person readership it once enjoyed.  Hope everyone else's summer has been great as well.  Winter is looking to be even more fun!