Monday, March 31, 2008

Another weekend, more working.

You know what this means....

Time for my Dad and I to head up to the cabin for more work. Cable, WI seems to have snow cover still, but not for long.

Friday afternoon I was able to sneak away for a few hours to ride my monkey. Spider Lake Road proved to be very soft, but fun to ride.

I snuck into this guys cabin and and left a note stating, "take that sucka"!!!

Camba has maps all over. You can see were I was, you can see where the cabin is (C9).

Getting farther and farther away.

Pretty, so pretty.

Many head into the Northwoods, some do not make it out.

This sure beats the gravel roads around Rochester.

Ice, ice baby. Even the gravel roads up there are incredible.

Deer are everywhere up there. It is a little absurd.


This is a 2 minute walk from the cabin. Right next to the Canoe drop in. Did I mention that you can enjoy the cabin too?

The women folk came Saturday to help clean, and stain the walls. Left to right; Kim, my sick sister, my momma, and my baby's momma. Pic taken at one of the restaurants at Telemark Lodge.
Me, the dog, the Baby's Momma in the living room, chillin'.

Upstairs before.

Upstairs after.
Same spot.

. Upstairs before.


Upstairs after, same corner. Upstairs is 99% done and it looks flipping awesome!


.Dang it, more deer!!!

Kim got sick. She got it from my brother Peter. He got it from my Dad. Now I have it. Nina tries to be supportive.
Special shout out to my family. Because of them, I am home with really bad stomach pains, aches all over, and frequent trips to the bathroom. If history is any indicator, I will be up and at'em tomorrow. Again, family, I could not have done it with out you.

My folks left early. Sunday was my second niece's baptism. Becky and I were not invited. I guess after my sister-in-law's Dad (her mother recently passed, R.I.P.), Uncles, Aunts, and several friends, there was no room left for anyone except my parents on my brother's side...again. Nope, siblings were not welcome (luckily for her, she does not have siblings). Am I spiteful? Yes. Do I care if they know? Not anymore. Do I think they care? No. In the not sinking to their level department, we continue to send Christmas cards and they will be invited to the baby shower and baptism of our child. I guess there is always the hope the things will change, but after close to 5 or 6 years of this, hope wains.

Time for you to work. Millions on welfare are counting on you.

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Back from "out East".

So, last week I had 5 days to get in 7 days of riding in what should be my biggest volume week of the year. I increased my previous max weekly training hours in one week by over 25%, and that is with 2 less days to play with. I was tired. Knee bothered me some, back just a little, but I cranked out some big hours on the bike.

Friday saw me fly out to Maine to see my brother, Sam. After being under threat of being snowed in, a stop at deicing was needed before taking off. I was thankful for the fact I had a direct flight as cancellations and delayed flights seemed plentiful.

Sam picked me up from the Boston airport and we headed North to Biddeford, Maine via the coast. Got to see some cool old towns and George H. Bush's "summer" home. Met Sam's girlfriend. I can't remember her name, so I'll just call her Sam's girlfriend. She is cool for a girl.

The next day saw us head out to Bethel for some mountain action and XC sking. Little did we know that the world's largest SnowWoman lived there. We skied a bunch, I slept a bunch, Sam watched the NCAA tournament a bunch. It was all good. I definitely had a lot of fun in the only state with one syllable.

Now, I am back. Grinding out repairs at the shop and getting ready for this coming weekend. Me, the folks, and my baby's momma are going up at the cabin for more work.

For now, I am still a little tired.

W's dad owns this place. The picture only gets about 2/3rd's of it. It was impressive.

Me, Sam's gangsta girlfriend, and Sam.
A "pick" of us heading to Bethel; where the players play. Get it? "Pick"?
Yo, we're here.
Well, you can read the sign.

We could see this as we drove into town and had to check out what it was. Look at the people at the base, and note the trees that are the arms. Skis made up the eyelashes, and car tires the smile.

If you think this picture is lame, then you are lamer for looking at it.

We ended up on a trail that was not groomed. It was...ahhhh...interesting skiing.
Sam fall down go, "ouch".

Yeah, I picked myself off of the ground more than once as well. This time, I could not make not sharp corner.

Check out the mountains in the background, yo. Me on the left, Sam on the right.

Sweet action shot. We were classical skiing, for the record.

Oh, the poor golf carts don't like the winter. Poor, poor golf carts.

Sunday night Sam took me onto campus to do some work on me. I took the liberty to take this pic of Sam's closet friend. Sam, thanks for the "cracking".
Well, that is it. I had oodles of fun, but I am glad to be back and see my woman at the same time.
Now for some bike time, some work time, and clobbering time.

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Back online!!

Finally got our computer hooked up again. Sanding floors, staining, and applying protective coats caused the electronic box to be unplugged and stashed away in the dining room for the week.

I sit here now with a bag of ice on my knee. I have to hit the trainer and get some big hours in before heading to Maine this Friday to see my little brother, Sam.

I am finally not as groggy. We are taking the "trouble maker" greyhound to the kennel until it's owners come back. We have 2 of their skinny sprinters, but the male has made it a priority to wreck stuff, pee on stuff repeatedly, on "#2" all over. The female is much better.

I like to sit down and post pictures of my worldly adventures, but I barely have time to type this crap.

I gots to go. Work it.

Monday, March 17, 2008

Jusst when I thought I was healthy...

Wednesday I fell down hard on my kneecap while out riding around on the ice. As soon as I stopped my knee was hurting bad. I worked on coating the hardwood floors.

Thursday, more hurt, more floor work, no bike.

Friday, see Thursday.

Friday night. Go to sleep. Deal with whiny greyhound we are watching from 2am to 5:30am.

Sat, groggy. We finally have time, so we go meet with the Grandfolks to tell them of what Becky has cooking in the oven. No bike. Knee starting to feel better.

Sunday, groggy still, rock out on gravel. Start out with a painful knee and a 30 pound bike. Knee pain becomes a little more tolerable at about 2 hours in, just in time for the laces on my right Lake winter boot to break. Rode North to Hammond, then North on some paved road I didn't know was there. A right on some gravel found me in Millville. Took more gravel East to Plainview. Then headed south past Elgin and back west into town.

6 hour ride yesterday=knee hurts more today.

We got our crib ordered with dresser from the Amish store. Seems like that is about the only place you can find a crib that is NOT made in China.

I have to call Lake shoes now.

You gotta get back to work.

Monday, March 10, 2008

Yes, I am serious.

"Just as you are planting the beet seed in the ground, I am planting my seed in you," a quote from my favorite assistant to the manager.

Not sure how to say this so here it goes....I got my wife knocked up. Yup, she has a bun in the oven. She is preggers. Baby on board. My spawn. The fruit of my loins. Future knee biter. The circle of life.
Oh yeah, it's all in there.

So here are some answers to the most common questions:

-No, we are not finding out the sex. We are waiting until it gets into puberty for that.

-She/he is due Sept 16, so she/he is almost 13 weeks along. No Cheq fat tire for me this year, and we had just gotten the cabin too!

-Yes, there is only one in there

-As far as I know it is mine. If questions pop up about that later, Maury Povich will help sort them out.

-We weren't necessarily trying or preventing. Let's say that we had pulled the goalie, but had not tried to take a shot on goal yet.

-We have seen 3 ultrasounds already. You can see the fingernails and everything.

-Yes, my boys can swim.

-I would prefer a boy, but would be just as happy with a girl. As the cliche goes, "I just want it to be healthy."

So there you go. Have fun at work.

Friday, March 07, 2008


...will be important in this race as it will be in this "tune up" race I just got in to.

So far this year I have planned gravel endurance races, road crits, mountain endurance races, mountain XC races, local road TT's, local mountain TT's, and some cross thrown in for good measure. Should keep the riding a little "fresh" this year.

I have been back training and things are looking good. Because of time and weather, I have been on the trainer a lot. Saturday will see the trainer and then sanding floors. Hopefully, this Sunday will see me destroying the local gravel on the Karate Monkey.

Now, I want you to step away from the Internet and get back to work. Go ahead, you can do it. Trust me, it will feel really rewarding.

Saturday, March 01, 2008


Alright, I sit here trying to not make noise as the women are asleep. Bored I was playing around on youtube and found a video with my name in the description. Here it is, and no I don't understand it either.

Don't blame me, you looked at it.

Live Strong pt.2

Oh, my back. I'm back. The back is almost there again. Back to riding. I am bringing sexy back. I am going back to this race.

In-laws are here. I am waiting right now for everyone to get up so that we can meet my parents for breakfast. Baby's momma seems like the last to start the awaking process.

We still have the three dogs. They'll be gone tommorrow when their newly tanned and rested parents get back from Cabo (those bastards).

Seems like I got a LOT of stuff to do. Oh well, it is better that than dead.

Sometimes I feel like this guy, but without the wristband. Who am I kidding, sometimes?

Looks like the wifey woke her but up and is in the shower. Exciting huh?
I am going to breakfast now. Gotta entertain the old people.