Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Back online!!

Finally got our computer hooked up again. Sanding floors, staining, and applying protective coats caused the electronic box to be unplugged and stashed away in the dining room for the week.

I sit here now with a bag of ice on my knee. I have to hit the trainer and get some big hours in before heading to Maine this Friday to see my little brother, Sam.

I am finally not as groggy. We are taking the "trouble maker" greyhound to the kennel until it's owners come back. We have 2 of their skinny sprinters, but the male has made it a priority to wreck stuff, pee on stuff repeatedly, on "#2" all over. The female is much better.

I like to sit down and post pictures of my worldly adventures, but I barely have time to type this crap.

I gots to go. Work it.

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BlueEyedBikinBabe said...

So what's happening with the workouts? Knee, back... all fine? You say you rode but had pain later. Perhaps time to see doc?