Saturday, March 01, 2008

Live Strong pt.2

Oh, my back. I'm back. The back is almost there again. Back to riding. I am bringing sexy back. I am going back to this race.

In-laws are here. I am waiting right now for everyone to get up so that we can meet my parents for breakfast. Baby's momma seems like the last to start the awaking process.

We still have the three dogs. They'll be gone tommorrow when their newly tanned and rested parents get back from Cabo (those bastards).

Seems like I got a LOT of stuff to do. Oh well, it is better that than dead.

Sometimes I feel like this guy, but without the wristband. Who am I kidding, sometimes?

Looks like the wifey woke her but up and is in the shower. Exciting huh?
I am going to breakfast now. Gotta entertain the old people.

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