Monday, March 17, 2008

Jusst when I thought I was healthy...

Wednesday I fell down hard on my kneecap while out riding around on the ice. As soon as I stopped my knee was hurting bad. I worked on coating the hardwood floors.

Thursday, more hurt, more floor work, no bike.

Friday, see Thursday.

Friday night. Go to sleep. Deal with whiny greyhound we are watching from 2am to 5:30am.

Sat, groggy. We finally have time, so we go meet with the Grandfolks to tell them of what Becky has cooking in the oven. No bike. Knee starting to feel better.

Sunday, groggy still, rock out on gravel. Start out with a painful knee and a 30 pound bike. Knee pain becomes a little more tolerable at about 2 hours in, just in time for the laces on my right Lake winter boot to break. Rode North to Hammond, then North on some paved road I didn't know was there. A right on some gravel found me in Millville. Took more gravel East to Plainview. Then headed south past Elgin and back west into town.

6 hour ride yesterday=knee hurts more today.

We got our crib ordered with dresser from the Amish store. Seems like that is about the only place you can find a crib that is NOT made in China.

I have to call Lake shoes now.

You gotta get back to work.

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