Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Back from "out East".

So, last week I had 5 days to get in 7 days of riding in what should be my biggest volume week of the year. I increased my previous max weekly training hours in one week by over 25%, and that is with 2 less days to play with. I was tired. Knee bothered me some, back just a little, but I cranked out some big hours on the bike.

Friday saw me fly out to Maine to see my brother, Sam. After being under threat of being snowed in, a stop at deicing was needed before taking off. I was thankful for the fact I had a direct flight as cancellations and delayed flights seemed plentiful.

Sam picked me up from the Boston airport and we headed North to Biddeford, Maine via the coast. Got to see some cool old towns and George H. Bush's "summer" home. Met Sam's girlfriend. I can't remember her name, so I'll just call her Sam's girlfriend. She is cool for a girl.

The next day saw us head out to Bethel for some mountain action and XC sking. Little did we know that the world's largest SnowWoman lived there. We skied a bunch, I slept a bunch, Sam watched the NCAA tournament a bunch. It was all good. I definitely had a lot of fun in the only state with one syllable.

Now, I am back. Grinding out repairs at the shop and getting ready for this coming weekend. Me, the folks, and my baby's momma are going up at the cabin for more work.

For now, I am still a little tired.

W's dad owns this place. The picture only gets about 2/3rd's of it. It was impressive.

Me, Sam's gangsta girlfriend, and Sam.
A "pick" of us heading to Bethel; where the players play. Get it? "Pick"?
Yo, we're here.
Well, you can read the sign.

We could see this as we drove into town and had to check out what it was. Look at the people at the base, and note the trees that are the arms. Skis made up the eyelashes, and car tires the smile.

If you think this picture is lame, then you are lamer for looking at it.

We ended up on a trail that was not groomed. It was...ahhhh...interesting skiing.
Sam fall down go, "ouch".

Yeah, I picked myself off of the ground more than once as well. This time, I could not make not sharp corner.

Check out the mountains in the background, yo. Me on the left, Sam on the right.

Sweet action shot. We were classical skiing, for the record.

Oh, the poor golf carts don't like the winter. Poor, poor golf carts.

Sunday night Sam took me onto campus to do some work on me. I took the liberty to take this pic of Sam's closet friend. Sam, thanks for the "cracking".
Well, that is it. I had oodles of fun, but I am glad to be back and see my woman at the same time.
Now for some bike time, some work time, and clobbering time.

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Anonymous said...

i would like to beg forgiveness of your baby's momma for flipping the bird. this is my humble plea...

glad you got to see your hero, GW's abode. now you can properly daydream about early-morning-fly- fishing-excursions on his estate while ma bush whips up fresh grits over the camp stove and GW blubbers on about his coked-out daughters and his best buddies at enron. woo hoo!

was good to meet you, chuck. sam's gangsta g-friend (erin, in case you were wondering)