Friday, July 25, 2008

Next stop Cable, then 24-9.

Alright, Front Load and I are headed up to the cabin for a little R & R for a week. Canoeing, biking, and hiking will all be enjoyed.

Sunday I'll be making my face known at the MNSCS race at Spirit Mountain. Then next weekend it is 9 mile (24 hour national championship). Wish me luck.

Just thought I would throw up some pics of my favorite bike EVER!

Ride it, don't hide it, 69 it.

Trek, 69ing, and Bontrager. Yeah, I dig it.

Hopefully I'll get to update our adventures while we are up there.
Now you work, and I'll vacation. Zooooooommmmmm.

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Revving the engine in park.

Updating the blog, hmmm yeah that is a thought.

Let's see what I could fill everyone in on. This weekend saw "Front Load" and I traveling to the state of cheese and QB controversies for baby and bike stuff.

Becky's 1st of 2 baby showers went really well. Good food, good family and friends, and good fun. Her sister and mother threw her a great shower filled with lots-o-baby stuff. Somehow we were able to fit everything in the car for the trip back.

I was already to go for my second endurance race of the year. I felt good, but not great before the start. Get there and the rain that we were seeing caused a delay of an hour. Then they decided to delay it another hour, and then to cancel. I guess it is bad news when that course and moisture dance. I was looking forward to riding because I like it when the race gets tougher (as long as I don't have to get off the bike). I was fine with that as it meant I was still undefeated in my long races (1 for 1 is just so dang impressive), but I am now disappointed as that was going to be the last kick in the pants before 24 hours of 9 mile. I did get chance to meet Chris, a guy that is one to keep an eye on at these races.

Monday the wifey and I celebrated our 7th anniversary in the traditional way. We did beer bongs and shots of whiskey until one of us passed out.

How about some pictures....

Bling, bling baby style.

Everyone say hey!! HEEEEYYY!!! Everyone say ho! HOOOO!! Now scream! AHHHHHHHHH!

All packed and ready to rumble.

But rain and the Metro course spell trouble.

Seven years and going.

32 weeks and growing.

One side note. I love my Trek Top Fuel 69'er. I cannot find a single complaint with that bike. Nothing else that I wish for or would want to change. My only hope is that it is still in the Trek line up for '09. I'll find out here soon enough at Trek world I guess.
Now back to work for both of us.

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

I'll put sand in your stomach.

This last Saturday involved driving to a birthday party and then a wedding. Sunday was 5 hours on the bike with Tri Guy, then painting, then entertaining the folks. Here is some pics...

Happy 1st birthday Emma.

Front Load was more than happy to show Diana the "pizza cutter" at the party. What is the pizza cutter? Well, it is the cousin of "the credit card". Ask Becky, she'll show you. What a classy gal!

Front Load at 7 1/2 months pregnant. This is on the Mississippi at the spot we became girlfriend/boyfriend over 10 years ago. Now look at her.

Not much else to report. I have a 12 hour race this weekend along with Becky's baby shower. My mind is on something else these days though as well as a week that we'll be spending soon at cabin.
Time to shuffle off to work.

Monday, July 07, 2008

Fun times

Becky aka. "Front Load" and I spent the 4th up at the cabin. We met her sister, her sister's husband, and their 10 month old child. Camera was forgotten at home, so I will describe the pictures I would have taken.

Right here is where I would put the picture of the Jetta. I would point out that it has my 69'er Top Fuel on the back rack and a new canoe on top rack. Nina had to sit on top of things as we had much crap to haul inside the car, including a lawn mower. That thing was fully loaded.

The picture that would be displayed here is Nina running through the Namekagon River as we take take the canoe out for it's first paddle. She ran and swam in the river the entire time while we canoed.

This space would display Becky, her belly, her sister, and her niece in the pool at Telemark lodge after the 4th of July parade in cable. The fireworks that night were awesome.

I may have brought the camera for the two rides I was able to sneak away for. I spent a total of 4 1/2 hours in the rock lake trail system (rode to the trail head from the cabin) and it was fantastic. The legs seem recovered from last weekend, and I am anxious to get back up there again.

Well, that is it. I need to call some people and then get to work. I realized that 24 hours of nine mile is coming up on me, so I got to get ready.