Friday, July 25, 2008

Next stop Cable, then 24-9.

Alright, Front Load and I are headed up to the cabin for a little R & R for a week. Canoeing, biking, and hiking will all be enjoyed.

Sunday I'll be making my face known at the MNSCS race at Spirit Mountain. Then next weekend it is 9 mile (24 hour national championship). Wish me luck.

Just thought I would throw up some pics of my favorite bike EVER!

Ride it, don't hide it, 69 it.

Trek, 69ing, and Bontrager. Yeah, I dig it.

Hopefully I'll get to update our adventures while we are up there.
Now you work, and I'll vacation. Zooooooommmmmm.

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Aaron Swanson said...

Nice to meet you at the Spirit Mt Race. Love that 69er buddy!! A man after my own heart.
Good luck in the upcoming season & pending fatherhood. See you around -- rolling over the big stuff in front and snapping the backside around like a crazed ape.
Aaron S