Saturday, April 28, 2012

55 minutes to go

Looks like we might miss getting rained on. The roads should be a sloppy mess, but so is your face. Boom, you're burned!

The bike feels rested and anxious.

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Transiowa and a mystery

First off, I found someone that obviously does not know me well to room with for Friday night. Yeah me!

Second, looks like there is a chance right now we could be starting in rain at close to freezing temps. Hot damn this ought to be interesting.

Third, my Dad found this old medal of mine. It probably is pre 2000, but I can't say for sure. I think I know the race, but extra cool points for the person that can help me identify where this came from.

Tuesday, April 24, 2012


Add on a computer, maybe a seatbag, and swap to my custom built tubeless wheels (thanks Charly Tri at Rochester Cycling!) and I should be about set bike wise. Riding the Cronus CX maybe unfair to the other competitors, but I plan on making up for it in inability. Stiff, smooth, crazy light, all the good stuff.

Monday, April 23, 2012

Nobody loves me in Iowa

This weekend is Transiowa and my goals are the same as the last time I went in 2010; have fun, ride hard.

This time I am all alone.  J-No and Dukek both backed out so I am driving down by myself.  No one seems to have space so I am left to figure out sleeping arrangements for myself.  Not wanting to pay for a hotel room by myself, I think I may have an uncomfortable night sleep in my car.  Nobody wants me.

This will be attempt #4. 
#1 was the very first edition and I was unprepared and not in proper shape for the crazy headwinds.   85 miles in I DNF'd.
#2 My rear der completely came apart 55 miles in.  I tried and tried to single speed it, but no luck. 
#3 No one technically finished because of the weather.  Parts of the race left a bitter taste in my mouth.  As long as I have a functioning bike and cue cards, my intention is forward progress no matter.

So wish me luck, wish ill will, but looks like I will be fending for myself.

To J-No and Dukek, you are dead to me.

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Training Hard

Just because everyone gets candy, doesn't mean everyone wins. So we train.

Monday, April 16, 2012

I should update on the Rag

My 2012 Ragnarok 105 included:

Show up late.
Sore throat.
Fighting off an asthma attack on the first climb (forgot inhalers).
Stopping at the base of the 2nd climb to fix a deflating tire (didn't close the valve all the way).
Chasing hard primarily solo 5 miles (lungs opened up).
Follow the others into the wrong turn.
Get turned around.
Chasing hard primarily solo for 15 miles.
Reach the front with Dennis Grelk.
Start getting stomach cramps.
Ride with the shattered original front group for a few miles.
Stop with a locked up stomach just a few miles from CP #1.
Fight bad stomach cramps.
Start scouting out private areas in the woods.
Start apologizing to the arm warmers for what I may ask them to do.
Live in extreme pain as I just barely roll into Zumbro Falls.
Go to my "thinking spot" hoping it relieves the pain.
Get next notes, start back on course.
Stomach starts up again.
Finally turn back around 5 miles later.
Reach Zumbro Falls again, just in time again.
Accept ride from Bill Franken back to Red Wing (thanks Bill!).
Deal with bad stomach pains and achy body all day.

In the past when I have been forced to DNF I would start plotting my redemption. This time I just kind of shrugged the shoulders with an "oh well". The wife is now worried I won't ever want to race again from the way I am talking (I think because she knows I'll get really fat, not just kinda fat like now). I really want to ride my new mountain bike though (pics to come).

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Found it.

Now just need a few more things.


I am in trouble because I know way to many of these guys.


Three years ago I went to Ragnarok with the intentions of doing well and I did.
Two years ago I went to Ragnarok to defend the previous year's result, and I did.
Last year I went in confident of doing well to the point I was unprepared physically and it showed.

This year I keep forgeting there is a race this weekend. Stupid kids almost dying will do that to you. Add to that there is a fun nasty cold going through my house which I decided to be part of; sore throats, stuffed up, poopy feeling. Add to that I haven't even started looking for everything I need for the race. Should be fun.

In other news we got the East section of Eastwood open after the parks dept decided the entire section needed an enema. Thanks to Matt K. (Mother Hen), Matt B., Gary G., Patrick ?., George E., and Mark H. We were able to rake out much of it and improvise the really chewed up areas. That section should be fun, just a whole new character.

Oh, and Larry Sauber.

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Don't be the other barnyard animals.

Mother Hen planted the seeds, grew the wheat, harvested the wheat, ground the wheat, and baked it into bread. All the while asking for help from the other barnyard animals who were always "too busy". Well, when it came time to EAT the bread they all lined up because they all of a sudden were no longer busy.

Tomorrow we work on the Eastwood trails again. If you want to eat the bread, you should help Mother Hen. Time to ride = time to help.

Note: Now, in all reality we live in the US, not a barnyard. In real life the government would step in and demand that the Hen give up much of her bread to the other animals. She would then stop making bread as most of it just went to the other animals that wouldn't help.

Monday, April 09, 2012

Easter was one week.

Yesterday, my daughter got her 7 day sobriety chip. The 2 weeks before that she was having withdrawals and taking different drugs to help with that. The 6 days before that she looked like this: breathing tube in, heavy amount of drugs to keep her asleep 24 hours a day.
Our little Seely turned 6 months old while suffering through a nasty case of RSV and Pneumonia. It was probably the worst period in my life.

Here she is now with Mom (yeah, a hottie I know). Perfectly back to health, our little one. We are grateful for the treatment and support, but know we are lucky compared to many others with sick children.

As far as riding/racing goes. Before the 2 week stay in the hospital I was feeling good with where my riding was headed. Then I sat, ate, and stressed out the entire time. I am back on the bike, but without the same fire in the belly. My legs and back have been in some serious pain since getting going again. Ragnarok will be the Brendan Moore show, but my battle for 2nd just doesn't seem all that important. We'll see how things go, but it may just be a fun day on the bike and not a sufferfest to win a rock. We'll see if the fire gets reignited soon.