Monday, April 16, 2012

I should update on the Rag

My 2012 Ragnarok 105 included:

Show up late.
Sore throat.
Fighting off an asthma attack on the first climb (forgot inhalers).
Stopping at the base of the 2nd climb to fix a deflating tire (didn't close the valve all the way).
Chasing hard primarily solo 5 miles (lungs opened up).
Follow the others into the wrong turn.
Get turned around.
Chasing hard primarily solo for 15 miles.
Reach the front with Dennis Grelk.
Start getting stomach cramps.
Ride with the shattered original front group for a few miles.
Stop with a locked up stomach just a few miles from CP #1.
Fight bad stomach cramps.
Start scouting out private areas in the woods.
Start apologizing to the arm warmers for what I may ask them to do.
Live in extreme pain as I just barely roll into Zumbro Falls.
Go to my "thinking spot" hoping it relieves the pain.
Get next notes, start back on course.
Stomach starts up again.
Finally turn back around 5 miles later.
Reach Zumbro Falls again, just in time again.
Accept ride from Bill Franken back to Red Wing (thanks Bill!).
Deal with bad stomach pains and achy body all day.

In the past when I have been forced to DNF I would start plotting my redemption. This time I just kind of shrugged the shoulders with an "oh well". The wife is now worried I won't ever want to race again from the way I am talking (I think because she knows I'll get really fat, not just kinda fat like now). I really want to ride my new mountain bike though (pics to come).


Larry Sauber said...

Wont kick at you when your down... But when you get back up... Bring out the dress!!! I'll stretch it out at Sanwich so you can where at your recital (Cheq100).


Charly Tri said...

Oh, I am not down at all. Just don't have the same focus for future races right now. I can't wait to see you in your pretty dress.