Tuesday, April 24, 2012


Add on a computer, maybe a seatbag, and swap to my custom built tubeless wheels (thanks Charly Tri at Rochester Cycling!) and I should be about set bike wise. Riding the Cronus CX maybe unfair to the other competitors, but I plan on making up for it in inability. Stiff, smooth, crazy light, all the good stuff.


Anonymous said...

Charly, do you have long femurs? Mayhaps longer than average for your height? You slammed that saddle all the way back; just curious.

Love, Nate.

Charly Tri said...

Yup. I have always used the kneecap/pedal axle guide, but almost all my bikes requires a 20mm setback post and pushed back seat. I could push it back another cm perhaps, but it is "just right". I ride and make small adjustments in height and for/aft until it feels perfect.

Larry Sauber said...

Good luck Tri-flow. Sounds like zero fun. I think I'd rather attempt aerohead in Jan then Iowa in Apr.

Wheres the dress?

Anonymous said...

Hey, I am a total stranger who saw your post on MTBR forums, and got a link to your blog from your post. I posted a response to your post for a roommate. You can get my contact info there if still looking to split a room.
- Charles

Charly Tri said...

Larry, both are stupid ideas, but when you have ran out of other stupid ideas you run out of new stuff to do.

I still have not received the dress, are you sure you got the address right?