Thursday, April 12, 2012


Three years ago I went to Ragnarok with the intentions of doing well and I did.
Two years ago I went to Ragnarok to defend the previous year's result, and I did.
Last year I went in confident of doing well to the point I was unprepared physically and it showed.

This year I keep forgeting there is a race this weekend. Stupid kids almost dying will do that to you. Add to that there is a fun nasty cold going through my house which I decided to be part of; sore throats, stuffed up, poopy feeling. Add to that I haven't even started looking for everything I need for the race. Should be fun.

In other news we got the East section of Eastwood open after the parks dept decided the entire section needed an enema. Thanks to Matt K. (Mother Hen), Matt B., Gary G., Patrick ?., George E., and Mark H. We were able to rake out much of it and improvise the really chewed up areas. That section should be fun, just a whole new character.

Oh, and Larry Sauber.

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