Monday, April 23, 2012

Nobody loves me in Iowa

This weekend is Transiowa and my goals are the same as the last time I went in 2010; have fun, ride hard.

This time I am all alone.  J-No and Dukek both backed out so I am driving down by myself.  No one seems to have space so I am left to figure out sleeping arrangements for myself.  Not wanting to pay for a hotel room by myself, I think I may have an uncomfortable night sleep in my car.  Nobody wants me.

This will be attempt #4. 
#1 was the very first edition and I was unprepared and not in proper shape for the crazy headwinds.   85 miles in I DNF'd.
#2 My rear der completely came apart 55 miles in.  I tried and tried to single speed it, but no luck. 
#3 No one technically finished because of the weather.  Parts of the race left a bitter taste in my mouth.  As long as I have a functioning bike and cue cards, my intention is forward progress no matter.

So wish me luck, wish ill will, but looks like I will be fending for myself.

To J-No and Dukek, you are dead to me.


Anonymous said...

Virginia is for lovers and Iowa is for hater's?

Ben said...

Rip It.

Charly Tri said...

Iowa may just not like me. I guess Transiowa specifically as it has never worked out.

Ben, I'll try.

Brian D. said...

If you want to borrow a real frame bag you can borrow my large size tangle bag. But you need to throw me a little man love first.

Charly Tri said...

***SHUN OFF***Uh, man love? I am not sure it is worth it. Thanks, but I measured for a tangle bag. The large is too big, the medium would be just right, but then I would have to run at least one smaller bottle as it would hang pretty low. I actually really like my bag on it's fit and size.***RESUME SHUNNING***

Jay said...

Im sure we can find some floor space for you in our hotel room if you don't want to sleep in the car.

- Jay

Charly Tri said...

Thanks, I already found someone to shack up with.