Monday, April 09, 2012

Easter was one week.

Yesterday, my daughter got her 7 day sobriety chip. The 2 weeks before that she was having withdrawals and taking different drugs to help with that. The 6 days before that she looked like this: breathing tube in, heavy amount of drugs to keep her asleep 24 hours a day.
Our little Seely turned 6 months old while suffering through a nasty case of RSV and Pneumonia. It was probably the worst period in my life.

Here she is now with Mom (yeah, a hottie I know). Perfectly back to health, our little one. We are grateful for the treatment and support, but know we are lucky compared to many others with sick children.

As far as riding/racing goes. Before the 2 week stay in the hospital I was feeling good with where my riding was headed. Then I sat, ate, and stressed out the entire time. I am back on the bike, but without the same fire in the belly. My legs and back have been in some serious pain since getting going again. Ragnarok will be the Brendan Moore show, but my battle for 2nd just doesn't seem all that important. We'll see how things go, but it may just be a fun day on the bike and not a sufferfest to win a rock. We'll see if the fire gets reignited soon.


Ari said...

Glad to read all is well with your little one. YOu and your wife must of gone through a lot.

Ben said...

My wife remembers you from the Arrowhead. I told her of what you and your family have recently gone through. She's 8.5 months pregnant with our 3rd. Maybe not my smartest move of telling her your story! Pregnant ladies tend to be a bit emotional.
So glad everything is working out. That pic in the hospital is just gut wrenching. Glad she's young enough to forget most of this.