Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Yeah, she is supposedly in labor.

Becky has been having contractions since 9pm last night. She slept a little last night, but for the most part had been moaning in pain (which did not help my sleep btw). Even though she considered working, I called her work to let them know she wouldn't be in. Becky is tough.

Lori at R!ah was able to get her in earlier then her scheduled 4:30 appointment (thanks Lori!). Becky got her hair done up while contraction after contraction hit. Told you, she is tough. In my attempt to keep her moving, we stopped by my Mom's work next door. Then back to the house we go.

As of right now she is moaning on the couch and eating mac and cheese. I am trying to stay out of her way, but within beckon call. We plan on growing our family sometime tonight, but for now we wait it out so that we can go into the hospital as late as possible.

Lori looking good (she had twins just 5 months ago) getting Becky prettied up for labor.

My wife on the left, J-No's on the right.

Hi Mom.

Yeah, it is kinda odd that we are spending the day sight seeing the city, but that is how we roll.
Stay tuned for updates.


Anonymous said...

Umm, So you will or will not be at the time trial tonight? I will just plan on seeing you there.

Chris said...

Woo-hoo! Damn, Becky, you're amazing. Congrats to both, we're hoping everything is ok!!!