Thursday, November 08, 2007

Shake and Bake

Just some notes.

What happened to Jeff Hall's site (see link right). MAN DOWN! MAN DOWN!!
...and Sugardaddy's (rumor is he will be riding a bike again soon enough)
...and Ben's (although he is guest blogging??)
...I need to update my links.

It is cold.

The new ride will be coming soon. It says Trek, it likes to 69, and bounce up and down.

I have never owned a Trek branded mountain bike before.

Need to sell the Supercaliber's now. Anyone interested in a decked out 29'er? Maybe two? Specs to folllow soon.

Saw Blades of Glory last night. Heard it was funnier than The Ballard of Ricki Bobby, a movie that will blow your mind. It is not. Like most Will Ferrel movies I thought it sucked.

Got an e-mail from Frank. He takes pictures. Cool pictures. He took a bunch at the last cross race in Ham Lake. His website is here. Ignore the little girls in tutu's. I think he had on pink ear warmers at the race, cool.

This kid can kick your butt.

A pic of the start of the Ham Lake CX. Guy in blue helmet in middle is A. Birr. I stand to his right (your left). Talk about a sweet action shot.
Shake and Bake. You see that, that just happened!!
Get to work.

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