Monday, November 05, 2007

Double crossing (in more ways than one).

This post is dedicated to Chris "do as I say, not as I do" Fisher. You see, our team got second in the MNSCS expert series after a tie breaker. Chris "d.a.i.s.n.a.i.d." Fisher decided that it was my fault as I had only shown up for the first 2 races in the series (the only 2 that I had planned on). Chris on the other hand neglects to point out that if he had only finished 1 of the races he DNF'd in the series it would have been won.

What is that? Oh yeah, I was going to race this Sunday, but Chris "d.a.i.s.n.a.i.d." Fisher said, "Hey, come to the race on Saturday instead. Brendan and I are going to be there and we can all hang out." I thought that was cool, so I changed plans. Needless to say Chris "d.a.i.s.n.a.i.d" Fisher was a no show at the race. Hmmmmm. Brendan said he was at some event with his fiance, Jen "big smiles" Meyer. I am guessing they toured the factory were they make the American Girls. That would fit the profile.

So this is for you Chris. Big smiles, big smiles.

Crossing at Ham Lake

I decided to do the A (60 minutes) and B (45 minutes) races as to try to jump start any fitness that is left. I have not been on the bike that much, and with the A race only costing an extra $5 I figured it was more ride time.

Lined up for the B race with Adam Birr of the team. He told me of how the course was a glorified dirt crit, and he was right. 2 barriers and no run up, a loooong paved section, and almost no climbing was not my idea of a fun cross race (note, I am not complaining, just stating). We took off at the start were it narrows down dramtiacally in the first 30 feet. I got into the woods in second and proceeded to try to warm up. The legs were so-so as I settled in with the top 6 paceline. At some point I was with 2 others as we approached a lapped rider and a barrier at the same time. The lap rider went in the middle, one guy went to pass on the left, the other guy and I went to pass on the right. Well, the lapped rider went sideways, the guy with me took him down, and I came to a dead stop. Hopped on the bike with a banged up knee, skinned shin, and knowledge that they weren't badly hurt. Ended up passing 2 guys on the last lap that bobbled to bring home 6th out of 80 overall, or 3rd out of 34ish in the Cat 3's (depends how you want to look at it). I was happy with that.

Then I lined up for the A race 10 minutes later. Talked to Brendan, but no Chris. What, no Chris? I knew that I was not going to be blowing anyones doors off, so I purposely let everyone go into the woods first. My first lap was allright, then my legs left me. I was cashed. My only thought was to keep riding until I got lapped and then pulled. Oh, here comes the top 3, a little trash talking from me and they were off. They must have ceramic bearings in their wheels. Looked forward to getting pulled at the finish, but nope. They don't pull riders (CRAP!!!). Kept riding. Slowing more and more each lap to a pathetic crawl. Ended getting lapped by Doug and company 3 times.

Now I blog, sip coffee, and get ready (mentally) for work.

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