Sunday, December 02, 2007

Riding the storm out.

The first blizzard of the year. Need to ride. And the trainer keeps giving me dirty looks.

Dipped into the Maxipad stash for toe warmth(tip from Mr. Bennet). My ride looked like this. The haze is from the downpour of snow.

Out to the Mayowood trails. Slow going with the thick snow. I was able to ride 95% of the trails. Fun, fun. I am hoping others join me in packing down the trail so that it ride able in the winter (You hear me Kurke?).

"Dam it", was the command. From this Mayowood lake (pond?) was formed.

On the way back, my tracks left 45 minutes earlier were completely buried. By now it was VERY slow going in the snow. Mucho resistance0. Finally, I was able to find a quiet, freshly plowed street. Despite the fact that I was now going up a steep incline, I shifted down 2 gears because there was no snow slowing me down.

3 hours. Only half a bottle of energy drink as the rest froze. Coasting in on fumes pre-bonked.
So what did you do Saturday?
Maybe you should get some projects done around the house instead of reading blogs. How about going for a ride? Do something for gosh sakes.


Frankster said...

"Maybe you should get some projects done around the house instead of reading blogs." -- ha! now I feel bad. that pile of dirt near the front door is getting more and more conspicuous.

Anonymous said...

YES, I was finally mentioned in a Blog. I have finally come into my own. I spent sunday morning drilling over 500 sheet metal screws into my wifes old jones 2.3 tires so I am definately down for packing mayowood. I rode there a lot last year after the walkers packed it down and it was pretty nice to have somewhere off road for a change of pace.

Bradly Fletchall said...

you northern guys are hard core. I'm only as far south as Central Missouri but once it gets down to the 40s I start wishing for summer time and riding in snow is out of the question although a friend of mine bought a set of studded MTB tires so I have a feeling we will be doing some winter singletrack

Anonymous said...