Saturday, December 01, 2012

Update, baby tricks.

So the new fat bike is still in the stand for now.  It is coming along nicely, very nicely, and I can't thank 9:zero:7 and enough.  Training for this winter has gone exceptionally well.  Last year, I identified several areas of improvement, most in training, some gear set up.  I am very happy with my progress so far.  Physically, I identified my lack of ability to push my bike uphill, breathing, and back problems.  Going into the race, I figured Arrowhead was fairly flat and as I hit the 3rd quarter of the race I found my lack of discipline in diet plus my inability to push my bike uphill well hurt me dearly in the race as there was lots of steephill puching.  Well, this year weight has been falling off my frame as I focus on laying off the sweets and late night snacking.  Boy, I realize now I ate a lot of sweets.  Second, I have committed to a weight lifting routine focused on my core/back and finishing up with time on a stepper, helping me further with the hills and back.  As far as breathing, the Doc and I have a revised plan that should help further, and I will continue using the Coldavenger.

Now, you may have not seen a good baby trick in awhile.  This is my 14 month old Seely.  Looks happy right?

Let's expand that picture.


Ben said...

I too have a damn sweet tooth. My attempt to stop has not gone so well!
Looking forward to riding with you at the Tuscobia!
Hoping to hug your wheel for as long as I can. 150 miles of train bed trail commands some company!

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