Sunday, July 01, 2012

Been busy

So to both of my faithful readers of the blog, things have been busy.  Last week's Chequamegon 100 didn't go as hoped, but with the lead up it went as expected.  My upper back was jacked up and I found out it wasn't my lower back muscles that also hurt, but my kidneys.  I was hurting pretty bad when I woke up that morning and hoped it would go away.  The pain got worse, I quit about 35 miles in, and despite drinking a ton of water, my post race "liquid expulsion" was a nice shade of brown.  After several tests at the clinic they basically threw up their shoulders and blamed some mysterious virus.  Oh well, I seem to be feeling better, and I took a week off the bike to try to get things cleared out.  My free time has been filled up with lots of projects at the rentals.

Now it is off to do some Rocky style training.  Future races haunt my mind including ORAMM this month with Tri Guy, a gravel stage race in way North MN that I can't remember the name of but it is in September, and Arrowhead this winter.  Arrowhead has been on my mind all year so far.  Weird.

Did I mention I love my bike?  My Superfly 100 Pro is awesome.  Last year's SF 100 got shipped out to Tri Guy after he wrecked his old bike.  Good to see it going to a good home. 

I have to work now.  Seems when I am not at work I am still working.  SSDLocation.

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You pee brown? I piss excellence!