Friday, May 18, 2012


So yeah, my 17.5" 2012 Trek Superfly 100 Pro with American Classic/Stan's Arch Ex wheels was stolen out of my car in my driveway Tuesday night.  I forgot to bring it in after setting the course record (31:49 vs 31:50) at Eastwood.  Several other cars were broken into as well.  Serial number is WTU079T507oG.

Last night's Buck Hill race was interesting.  I got there late after 2 poop stops (kid, not me).  Lined up with no warm up and on last year's bike which felt really different.  Started moderately, hit singletrack, felt the front end loose, slide out hard because of a really low front tire, lost a bunch of spots, stopped at the Penn truck to pump it up at the end of lap 1, lost a bunch of spots, then started counting the people in my race I passed until the finish (not the rec riders).  16 the 2nd lap, 7 the 3rd lap, 2 the last lap.  I went from the 40's to around 18th.  Felt a lot better in the breathing department.

Couple of notes:
Going to do Cable, on last year;s bike, that is for sale.  Hit me up.
My allergies had been crazy bad, which made my breathing crazy bad, found a great remedy. 
I am going to ride super fun trails in NW WI while most racers ride Afton (not a fan) for several laps.  I already won.
Anyone looking for lodging for the classic and riding the next day?  507-254-8936.  Me and Triguy will have room. 
I am the king of Eastwood, no way Matt can touch my time. 


Unknown said...

Did you go talk to the guy you busted trying to sell a stolen bike. He may have a line on it?
I also don't understand why people go to Buck Hill on Thursday. 2.5 mile long conga line doesn't sound fun to me. River Falls has no waiting.
And your remedy for allergies is?
So many questions..

Charly Tri said...

Actually, I was trying to find his last name, but I can't. I think the guy is more a white color criminal. That is to say, he was fencing those bikes, but I am 90% sure he didn't get his hands dirty stealing them.

I have a few reasons why Buck Hill for me as both are about the same distance for me to drive. Biggest reason is the whole family loves it as they have great kids races that my daughter loves. Second, the course works my weaknesses. Third, great depth of competition. For most it is closer as well.

You want to know my allergy trick? Stick it up your nose.

Charly Tri said...

Oh, and another why Buck Hill, they start 30 minutes later. I barely make it to Buck as it is.

Unknown said...

Be that way. You could probably get there another thirty minutes late and jump in the backed up single track without losing any time.
I'm really not into sticking things up my nose, if you know what I mean. But if you say that cures me....

Charly Tri said...

I really haven't experienced much in the way of problems with back ups at Buck. I have read about them, but I think I am up far enough to avoid them.

I know where you prefer to stick things....