Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Little girl, Big Girl.

I am in need of some updates:

The Sandwich 50 went off without much troubles at all despite the rain trying to make trouble.  I felt decent power for the first 3 laps and then my body started to shut down hard towards the end of the 4th; similar to what happened at the end of Transiowa.  Taking stock of my life over the last several weeks I finally admitted to myself that I have been desperately void of rest, and my body was simply exhausted.  I stopped in order to survive for another day.  The day was fun though, no doubt.  This last week has seen mucho sleepo.  It is nice.

The first Thursday night at Buck Hill was a different story.  My little time warming up had me breathing hard and weak legs.  That is typical until the lungs open up so I wasn't too worried.  Usually during the 4 laps around the 2ish mile course I spend the first lap struggling and then get stronger as the lungs open more.  Well, the first two laps I was gasping for air much more than normal, just trying to survive.  I watched hoards of people ride by me on the hill as I pedaled like a little girl.  Frankly, my pace was a little embarrassing up the "mountain".  Towards the end of the 2nd lap the lungs came around just a tad and I rode like a big girl.  I think in the last lap alone I passed 7 riders, still not 100% there.  Crossing the finish I went into full blown asthma attack.  No cool down unless you count laying on the ground for many minutes, too weak to even stand.  It was over an hour later until my breathing was anywhere near back to normal.  This asthma stuff really sucks sometimes.

The rest of the weekend was spent with the family up at the cabin, shredding local trails.  More than once, while riding by myself, I laughed out loud like a little kid playing with his toys.  Tis the season for ticks and mosquitoes up there.  It always seems to get better in the summer and fall.  It really is not a problem as long as you don't stop too long on the trail and check yourself after the ride.  Interestingly enough, I don't remember a single mosquito around the cabin.

So our 3 1/2 year old daughter has been fighting potty training.  Oddly, the other night she announced she needed to go potty.  She came back with the announcement that she went poopy (the biggest obstacle by far).  Our little girl is finally turning into a "big girl". 

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