Sunday, August 19, 2012


It has been awhile.  What to say?  The summer months have sort of seen my "check out".  I have not made it to the Rasc Tuesday night throw downs as work didn't allow the time.  This has always been my staple through the year with Kurke and I taking turns hurting each other while others occasionally joined us at the front.  Congrats to Matt and Melissa as they welcomed William into the world, btw.

My blogging has suffered, both writing and reading.  I couldn't tell you much of what others have been yapping about out there.  My riding has suffered.  Hours on the saddle have been replaced with hours with the family and hours working on projects.  With the cabin, I have 5 homes that I spend my time improving.

I have made several trips to the cabin with the family and spent many hours playing on new trails up there.  I am not sure if the name will still be Seeley Pass, but there is a now a trail heading South from Ojibwe that will connect up with Seeley Pass next year.  Big berms, cool features, and increased vertical changes makes this my new favorite trail in the Cable/Hayward area.  Just wish I knew the official name.  The Chequamegon 100 course could soon be redesigned with a ton more single track.  Oh, and I can access it all literally starting from my backyard and not touching the paved road in front of the cabin.

I made a trip down to ORAMM (Off-Road Assault on Mount Mitchell) to race in the NC with Triguy.  The Ashville area is incredible and I even got a chance to hit the dirt with ex-midwest native Chris Strout.  The race itself was 63 miles and 11,000+ feet of climbing.  Lack of riding leading up to the race had me suffering, but oh was it so much fun.  I hope to return next year and in better shape.  The course itself is much harder than I expected.

My Father and I just returned from Cable.  The red cabin is getting a makeover as we replace the old suffering cedar siding with vinyl.  The process includes removing the siding in roughly 4" widths, removing the same size pieces of partical board, laying 1/2" polystyrene over the outside, and then installing the new siding.  It is a process that eats up time quickly.   Thanks to help, all the windows have been wrapped with aluminum as well.  We managed to get about 1/3 of the cabin done.

My near future bike event plans include the The Northwoods Adventure, Chequamegon Fat Tire 40, and a return to the local Tuesday night throwdown.  I am not sure if the Northwoods is a race, but I will not be treating as such.  Instead, it will kick off my training for the winter season.  I look forward to spending 300 mile on remote back roads up near the boundry waters area.  The Fat Tire, hmmmmm.  Love the weekend, tolerate the race.

The kids are healthy and doing great.  I can't be happier with my family life.  I will update more here.  Pics to come.

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