Sunday, February 27, 2011

Arrowhead set up.

So riding buddy Juicy Peach is in the long term planning stages of an Arrowhead attempt. He saw this picture and wanted to know how I had everything so compact. For my own info for next year and your curiosity I'll describe everything. I am too lazy to take pics of it all, so too bad for you.

First off, you are familiar with the bike. This 907 bike simply kicks butt, and it disappoints me I could not take full advantage of that at Arrowhead. I felt really strong right before hand and that feeling has finally started coming back. The 80mm rims are just as much meaty as they are light and zippy. Me likey.

The frame bag is a homemade number that I measured and cut and then my Mommy sewed up. The pogies are $20 jobs from Fleet Farm. I modified them by sewing the enclosure a little smaller and putting a screw through them and into the bar end plugs to keep them on better. You can't see so well in the picture, but a larger triangle handlebar pack sits on top of the bar/stem area. The seat bag was actually not used in the race.

Frame bag contents:
-1 pint stove pot. Inside that was a homemade alcohol stove, matches, lighter, 6 ounces of fuel, and duct tape.
-Another 6 ounce flask of alcohol
-3000 calories of peanut butter stuffed in the bottom corner
-Compact rain/wind pants stuffed in front corner
-Compact rain/wind jacket
-Outer mittens to go over wool gloves.
-Thermal hoodie (very warm)

Handlebar bag:
-Extra balaclava
-Head Band
-Multi Tool
-Heat Packs
-Light wool gloves
-Warm hat

Inside the Pogies:
-I think 3 or 4 bags of food.
-Thick wool gloves
-Flasks of gel (one that does not seem to freeze so far)

Compression bag strapped to the front of bars:
-(-)20 degree down bag inside my bivy
-Sleeping pad
-Another thermal hoodie

I had riveted the fork to accept the Salsa anything cage, but I only used those bolt holes to hold a mini pump.

So I guess thanks for looking. Any questions for a guy fully experienced now at getting to the first checkpoint in the Arrowhead 135?



J-No said...

I have had to run both a front and rear stuff sack. It may be due to the smaller frame that I have, or maybe I have more stuff. I pretty much used everything I had, so maybe packing it better is the key.

Once I finalize my mode of travel next year I am going to focus on packing better and training more so I can ride this thing without sleeping.

Charly Tri said...

I think your 2 bags was more a product of our different packing. next year we'll have meet up and compare/discuss our packing techniques.

Next year I am going to focus on getting past Sheep Ranch road. The mask works great btw, except for all out efforts like I have done lately.

Wait, how did you have time to write this comment? I assume you would be busy writing your recap of Arrowhead still.

jp said...

You will be named, "Darth" from here on out when you wear the black mask.