Wednesday, February 16, 2011

News and Views from Me-big whoop de do

Um, no, looks like this guy did. When you have an oppressive regime that has used illegal chemical weapons on neighbors and its own people more than once, invaded and looted a neighboring country, refuses to prove it got rid of the WMD, promises to bring down the "infidels", voluntarily gave money to the families of the 911 terrorists, continually played a cat and mouse game with the UN inspectors, and there is info like this saying there is a secret program creating more WMD, what would you do? Make Saddam pinky swear that he doesn't have something up his sleeve?

The Bush ultra haters are a lot like Obama ultra haters now that say B.H.O. was born on another planet, like Wisconsin. Get over it, Bush didn't plan 911 and Obama doesn't pray towards Mecca twice a day (we should be praying towards him according to some).

Contador is CLEN! I mean CLEAN!
The guy is dirty, but hey, so are most of them. I blame Obama for the recent doping, Bush for the doping pre 2010. Listen to Floyd, not the old Floyd, the new Floyd. I won't hold judgement against his past transgressions, but he is sure trying to make up for it now. Floyd, you are welcome to crash at my place anytime. Way to "now" give the doping establishment the big middle finger. You need to grow your hair out and do Kid Rock impressions for extra cash.

It's coming, it's coming!
My super charged pimp mobile should be here soon. Thanks to secret backroom dealings, it will get stripped down and even more super pimped. I like to call getting the bike "Tiger Woods'ed" out. That means my sweet 2010 Superfly 100 will be up for sale soon. Simply the best mountain bike I have had the privilege of riding.

Prince William is gett'n hitched
Just about every news broadcast has updates on the wedding plans. Why this is news is beyond me, but know this: if you are closely watching the plans unfold and/or are excited for this event then we can never be friends. People who care about this are lame, and I don't keep lame friends.

The Arrowhead 135 is done
I am done dwelling on what happened, but not done working on next year's race with the uber fast 907 bike. Instead the "eye of the tiger" is on this race, and then this race, and then this race. Looking forward to trying to Three-peat the Ragnarok 105. Wait, that term is copyrighted by the Bull's old basketball coach. I am looking to Tri-Peat in April (copyright in process).

Gett'n back work
You have spent over a minute reading this latest posting of mine. Chances are you were not only paid for that minute, but your employer paid for the computer and internet connection. I think it is time for you to start making the company money, not spending it. Soooooo, get back to work.


rideonpurpose said...

Which bike are you selling? Last yrs 100? How 'new' is the frame? Stock build medium?

Charly Tri said...

Yeah, the Superfly 100. Parts list is a little up in the air right now, but mostly stock. Medium.