Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Me again.

So here is what is up. First, it seems like blogspot sites are getting goofy sometimes for me. Not sure if you guys see this, but I have not been messing with the layout of the blog or the comments.

Second, Daddy Daycare is going well. Abi doesn't interfere with my soaps watching and Oprah ogling. It seems all I have to do is put her in the crib and jack up the volume on the TV. Poof, no noise from a crying baby.

Third, I changed my training plan up a little so I am in the third week of my first base period. What does that mean? Monday was just shy of 3 hours on the bike outside. Tuesday was 2 hours outside on the bike and an hour hitting the weights. Both rides were about 20 degrees out and required use of the Niterider Trinewt. Monday, I rode out to Eastwood and ripped it up with Kuske on snowmobile trails. Tuesday was a moderate ride on the bike paths of Rochester (both plowed and unplowed). I was able to time one of Abi's feeding and naps to get to the RAC and hit the heavy stuff during the day. I like to work 2-3 exercises together so that I rest no more than a few seconds. Saves time and keeps the heart rate up.

All this work has made Abi tired.

Do you really think you deserve a raise this year with all the time you spend on blogs??

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