Sunday, January 04, 2009

Update hangover.

Oh, I am finally back. Yeah, it has been awhile. So here is the latest. I am finally getting done with the running around for the Christmas season and being very ill as well. Seems 90% at baptism came down with the knurl (spelling?) virus. We eliminated food sickness. It was nasty.

Last week was...
Sunday was baptism, Sam and girlfriend Erin are in town (brother from Maine), and trainer riding

Monday was trip to the cabin and start to get sick.

Tuesday was full on sick.

Wednesday was sick and come home early with the family so that we can have some quality time with them.

Thursday was still sick, but had the family over for Sam's last night.

Friday was some trainer time

Saturday was lifting, core work, and elliptical at the RAC. Three hours worth.

Today looks like shop party and trainer later tonight.

So I took some pics of my ride last Saturday. Some stats included 3 hours, low 20ish degrees, left from the house, and 3 dudes checking me out at Eastwood.

Locking up the studded Nokian tires are to ice as you are to your underwear. Both leave long streaks. Those tires stick to ice like you stick to blogs (instead of working).

I found Eastwood unrideable so I hit up some snowmobile trails near there.

This was a nasty downhill on the backside of the old boy scout camp. Icy and choppy, but the tires kicked butt all the way down. No dabs.

I needed to cross this stream to get back to the road. Luckily those boyscouts left behind some of their handywork.

Rolling the Fisher 29's.

I gotta get ready now for the shop party. There are sure to be people making out in the hallway and drunks with lampshades on their heads. BTW.

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