Monday, January 12, 2009

4 hours, 19 degrees

Woke up tired, legs felt heavy from long week of training, I was not excited to ride. Headed out on a secret ride on secret trails. Packed trails with an 1-1 1/2 inch of loose heavy snow top layer wore on me and left me with tired legs, but a definitely fun time. Ended the ride with legs that had more pep than at the beginning, which I am a fan of.

Some stats:
1 owl seen
2 turkeys spotted
2 deer witnessed
3 families out on their sleds
3 jerk offs sledding on specifically marked "NO SNOWMOBILES" paved trails
4 hours out in the cold
5 hour toe warmers only lasted 2 hours, brrrrrrrrrrrr
19 degree high temp for the day
20 or so gunshots heard from a wooded area
70ish ounces of water guzzeled
850 calories consumed (Hammer Gel and some Clif Blocks)

A brief stop to water the trees.

I rode the gravel for a very short while, but headed back on the trails quickly.

Some other riders out working hard on their throttle twisting.

I love my Nokians, but I sure could have used some WIDE rubber with smaller lugs. The Gary Fisher Rig was perfect otherwise.
I don't know why some snowmobilers get a reputation of being drunk rednecks.

As a side note I heard that a fellow rider went down and is in a bad way. Hopefully D.G. gets healed quickly for the summer months of riding.
Now, you should work.

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