Saturday, January 27, 2007

New toy.

So a Top Secret operative from Fisher stopped by the shop this week. One of the things he dropped off was this. Are you man enough to ride the big wheels?

Am I excited? Durrrr! This is a sweet ride, yo. I just gotta enter it in some nice, loooong races. I was on the trainer for 3 hours this morning preparing for those nice loooong races. Yes, 3 hours. Even did some tempo work in there. Ya wanna know something else? I'll be on the go-no-where bike another 3 hours tommorrow. I can think of a soon to be father and his buddy that think I am nuts. Speaking of which...

I just watched a "chick flick" with my babies momma. She is talking to her pregnant sister now. No, I am not the daddy of that one and Maury Povich will prove it.

Gonna go watch SNL....

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